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RollBack XP- Free restore software for Windows XP

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  • RollBack XP- Free restore software for Windows XP

    Most of us are already aware that the most loved Windows Operating System has come to end of life support (April 8, 2014) by it creators- Microsoft. However, what most of us are not aware of is there over a million of users that still use Windows XP. This could be because of legacy software that can only be used in Windows XP or that the users did not find it necessary for the upgrade. Microsoft recommends for all those users to upgrade it to later operating systems. We at Horizon DataSys decided well if the users still love to use Windows XP for whatever the reason it might be- we can at least make sure that those machines are protected and that the users are able to recover their XP machines if disaster strikes. Hence, RollBack XP is born!

    Much like the most loved restore software- RollBack Rx, RollBack XP works just the same. It uses our patented sector-mapping technology to take “snapshots” of the entire system in seconds. (this includes the operating system, personal data, registry...) and stores it at the sector level of the hard drive. This makes it able to instantly “rollback” to any of these snapshots within seconds.

    The only difference is it can only be installed on Windows XP and is limited to 10 snapshots. Wait, and it is FREE!. Now the Windows XP users can stay calm and use RollBack XP in their machines without the worry of those malicious files affecting their machines. Just rollback in seconds and there you go- a Windows XP machines with no viruses, malware or BSODs.

    Download RollBack XP here:
    Microsoft warns on XP- EOL