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When opening software, ONLY "About Page" is shown

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  • When opening software, ONLY "About Page" is shown


    I need some help please.

    Recently, I've got a problem regarding to when open the RollBack Rx Professional.
    Everytime, I open it, it just shows the "About Page" (showing Version, Build, Product ID, License type, Expiration date, Remaining), BUT NOT the Snapshot Exploring GUI interface anymore.
    I don't know what I've done wrong, I was able to use it more just about a month, and it just recently got a problem like this.

    Please someone help me out,

    Thank you so much

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    Just a guess here but if your using the Pro version, it sounds like your Trial period has ended and you are now required to register (activate). If you believe that you have registered then you'll have to contact HDS through their support to see what went wrong.

    If you are using the free version then I dont know what the issue is. Again contact HDS for further support.


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      Hey Hdmeto

      Just contact the support portal and we can do a license reset for you to get you squared away.