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Windows restore point causing problems

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  • Windows restore point causing problems

    When I install Rollback, it's asking me to disable the Windows restore points.
    Does it also Disable the Drive ?
    Cause when I go to "Create Windows Restore Points" it's turned ON for the C Drive.
    Which is causing a LOT of PROBLEMS during installs (installs hanging, and usually it's on the c++ lib installers from MS)
    or other programs who are trying to create a restore point..
    I need to manually turn it OFF for the C protection.

    Seem that this function doesn't work right from the installer..
    Anyone else seen this?

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    Hi Mrdutchie. By default, RB disables Windows Restore (WR) so i'll assume that you re-enabled it yourself. I personally have never enabled system restore with or without RB installed. In fact i went to the extra length of going into Group Policies and disabled it from there as well....just in case.

    Enabling WR is both redundant and counter intuitive. Presumably the reason why one installs RB is to "restore" ones system to a working state so why would you want a cumbersome (and space consuming) feature like WR enabled together with RB? The other important reason for NOT enabling WR is that this will most likely give you very large snapshots and possibly use all of your free space creating new headaches to deal with.

    My 2 cents....