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Snapshot / Baseline still a mess?

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  • Snapshot / Baseline still a mess?

    Thought I'll install the latest version, and it's still a odd version..
    1. No baseline manager.. it creates snapshot, as a baseline of 210 Gb..
    After creating some snapshots, I delete them all including the 1st one, to create a new sort Baseline... which ended up as 1 Tb
    Where the heck is that coming from. (That is the size of the SSD)
    2. Defragging, doesn't show a progress. it locks up the whole machine, and pray that it come back to life.
    3. why are those "win::" in the front every time..
    Needless to say, going back to 11.0 which didn't have any issues..

    that whole new "Baseline" smart thing, seems to be a joke.
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    I'll have to agree with you mrdutchie....the new way of handling the baseline seems buggy and i believe is the root of the corruptions I've reported in another post. I personally dont mess with the baseline. I do the tried and tested method of uninstalling and reinstalling.


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      This was addressed in the new build. You'll want to check it out.


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        Looking at this
        I think I keep it by 11.0, with the Baseline manager still in it.. No problems with that one.


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          Hi mrdutchie, in light of my current issue I reinstalled RB after editing the setup.ini (as the link shows) to force RB to install the "old" way (IE. Fast Restore Mode).

          You'll be happy to know that the old Baseline Line Manager Window is back again.

          I believe you've been complaining for quite some time about this being missing and it just goes to show how little HDS communicate with each other. All this while, all that had to be done is edit the "setup.ini" file and change to "Hybrid=0" and RB installed the way it always used to.

          If HDS staff had a clue about their own products full functionality, they could have alleviated your frustrations ages ago. Or better still, if the development team provided more than one line sentences in their release notes when new features are introduced, these sort of aggravations could be avoided. But instead, the lack of direction or response from HDS about your issue indicates that they had no idea about this. Very inspiring...

          It's like Froggie said in an earlier post. HDS seem to have lost control over the development and the product and it's becoming more and more flakey.

          Edit: Dont bother doing this mrdutchie. These latest versions are not reliable at all. See my link above.
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            lol you got me exited carfal I'll check the other thread as well.
            but it's good to know about that setting. Appreciate it that a user knows more than Staff


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              Even though in the other thread i said i was going back to v388 it just doesnt sit right with me to use an older version when i've paid for the latest and greatest (the latter being questionable). So I've been running the latest build July 11 v 334 for 2 days now and so far no incident. I installed it with the "Hybrid=0" option. I've done some deletes and taken probably 10 snapshots all up and so far so good.

              My hope is that when used "normally" ( as in im not attacking it with fast consecutive snapshot creation and deletion) that the corruption wont occur. Technically, it shouldn't matter the speed at which i take and delete the snapshots but this may be a clue for HDS to follow up as perhaps the issue is that the cache doesn't always flush properly before the next operation of creating or deleting a snapshot... just an idea HDS.

              In any event, I'll report back either here, or at the other thread, in a few days provided another incident of corruption doesn't occur before then.


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                I am using that setting now in the Ini and running the latest version now.
                Didn't run into much issues.
                Although I do have all the sudden a snapshot from 380 Mb from 120 days ago BEFORE the baseline.
                While I installed it 16 Hrs ago ????
                Not sure what is up with that.

                Still need to disable 1 of those 2 huge files in the C drive (those hidden ones). Think is was the hibernate one


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                  FYI i have been using the latest build v334 for a couple of weeks now as "normal" use and so far no corruptions. (interesting). I've installed it using the "hybrid=0" option.

                  Although I do have all the sudden a snapshot from 380 Mb from 120 days ago BEFORE the baseline.
                  Dont know that this is either

                  Still need to disable 1 of those 2 huge files in the C drive (those hidden ones). Think is was the hibernate one
                  In regards to the hibernation file, I remember reading somewhere in the past (not sure if it still applies but probably prudent to set up as follows..) that hibernation should be enable BEFORE RB is installed. Once enabled then install RB. I dont use hibernation because I use an SSD and it boots fast.
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