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Where do deleted snapshots go?

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  • Where do deleted snapshots go?

    Where do deleted snapshots go to?

    Do they go to the same place that stuff deleted from the recycle bin goes to after the recycle bin is emptied?

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    Any DATA that exists in a snapshot following the one deleted, will remain available in the following snapshot. Any DATA that is unique to the snapshot being deleted (meaning it didn't exist before and doesn't exist afterward, is GONE.

    No, there is no RECYCLE BIN for Rollback's snapshots and their DATA... you cannot get it back once it's deleted.


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      Thanks but can you explain that to me in simple terms. I'm totally ignorant in these matters.


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        Well... I thought the response was pretty clear, sorry. Rollback doesn't deal with FILES, it deals with DISK BLOCKs of DATA. When something new is created (a file and its pieces, some file structure pointers or content of any kind), it shows up in the next snapshop taken on the System. If between that snapshot and the next one, those files and their pieces or file structure pointers are changed, those changes either disappear or show up in the following snapshot. Rollback just doesn't know about files or folders... just disk blocks and when their usage changes.

        When you take a snapshot, Rollback freezes all your disk DATA associated with that snapshot. If anything changes between that snapshot and the next one, Rollback writes new DATA elsewhere on your disk and leaves that snapshot alone... until you decide to to delete the snapshot and Rollback defrag your disk.

        It's really difficult for me to try and make the process any simpler. If you need more info, best to contact HDS Support or possibly have their Forum monitor (Ram Sarma?) pop in and explain the process for you.


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          In looking back at your original question, I'll try and summarize. The basic answer to your question is yes, but the DATA freed up is nothing like the DATA freed up when you empty the RecycleBin. Once snapshots are deleted AND the System has been defragged by Rollback AND reBOOTed, the space taken up by those snapshots that doesn't exist in any snapshots previous to or following that time point is made free and part of Windows free space (to use) once again. BUT, in no way can an application that claims to restore deleted files be able to reconstruct anything that was part of that snapshot DATA... there's just not enough to put "Humpty" back together again. You might be lucky enough to have found a file or two that possibly has enough pieces also in that space to get it back together... but that will be it.

          The effort has always been very fruitless for those who have tried it. HDS has a "quirky" (meaning works maybe and only some of the time and is very old) tool called "Scavenger" that can try and help you dig out some of those snapshot files, but it's effectiveness is measured by the length of time you use that System after you discover a need for those files. The longer you actively use that System, the harder it is to recover anything at all.

          Unless you image your System for backup purposes, Rollback can be a killer if something goes a miss along your snapshot time line or you may have a need for something that may have been in a deleted/defragged snapshot.
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            Thanks for your explanation.

            So if I understand you correctly, when a snapshot is deleted, the data it contains ends up in the Windows free space area (just like items emptied from the recycle bin do) but only after defragging with the Rollback defragger and after rebooting your PC. And also, any data contained in a deleted snapshot is unrecoverable, even with file recovery programmes.


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              That is basically correct. Remember, though... if the DATA you might be looking for existed in a previous snapshot or in a snapshot after the one that was deleted, it will continue to be available in those two snapshots.
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                Ok, thanks.