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Please Help me to Restore Rollback and it snapshots!

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  • Please Help me to Restore Rollback and it snapshots!

    Hello, i am in great trouble - recently bootloader of my Windows 10 was crashed with such screen as on photo 1
    in windows it occasionally happens, it is not difficult to restore bootloader - it need just to loads from installation disk an run commands to repair BCD in command shell and after that Windows begins to load normally, but suddenly i detected that all recent data is lost and content of my hard disk is at that point as it was when i just installed Rollback, besides that Rollback dont want to load with error message as on photo 2, so i understand that data is lost cause Rollback not write any changes to hard disk directly but it stores it in snapshots, and cause Rollback cant load so no data after first baseline snapshot is present, and attempt to reinstall Rollback is not helps to get recent snapshots data, so is the any way to restore broken Rollback and restore its snapshots??? Cause this yours error with your unfinished product is causing me, and i think to many others, many troubles
    Sorry me for my english

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    These kinds of things do happen occasionally (it's the nature of the product), and usually there's no real way of re-capturing any of your snapshot DATA (especially if you don't "image" your System regularly)... but I'm sure Horizon DataSys will jump in here shortly with a solution, they have an excellent Support Team.


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      Hi Bormental,

      Im extremely sorry that this has happened to you, We usually always advise people to reach out to us before an MBR reset attempt. We do have a tool that you can use that might be able to recover some data but it is not always successful.

      What build are you using btw? With version 11.1 when you do an MBR reset it should just restore the machine to the current baseline, not the installation so you wouldnt lose most of your data.

      If you want the tool, please submit a ticket to and we can get that going for you.