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Uninstall Rollback RX Professional?

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  • Uninstall Rollback RX Professional?

    I installed a new SSD in my I7 laptop replacing a spinning drive. I installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Home. Having done so, I then installed a trial of Rollback RX Pro and as I rebuilt my system I took regular snapshots along the way

    The last piece of software I attempted to install was Roland Versaworks 6 - Once again I took a snapshot prior to installation. For some reason the installation failed and just hung until after several hours I had no option than to hard reset my PC. Now my PC won't shutdown properly and just hangs with the swirling logo until I physically switch off.

    I wanted to roll back to the snapshot but my free trial happened to end before I was able to do so!!

    I'd like to uninstall Rollback RX Pro from my PC but I'm reluctant to do so unless I have an option to also rollback to a secure point. Will I have that option of selecting a particular snapshot?

    I'm still a little unsure of Rollback RX Pro otherwise I'd buy it now. I am aware that Windows Updates fail and trying to update manually simply states the update is already in progress - I'm stuck!

    If I was to buy it and start from scratch again - new installation of Windows 10, would I be able to then re-install Rollback RX Pro? Is there anyway I could extend the evaluation period?


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    Give this eval key a try its good for 30 days.


    There's actually a knowledgebase article regarding the freezing on install,it should work for you

    Let me know if you're still having issues.


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      Good morning Ram,

      Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I'd already successfully uninstalled RBRXPRO prior to reading your possible solution. The uninstallation went okay and immediately Windows updates installed without any hitch.

      While I believe the concept of RBRXPRO is a good one, I can't afford the downtime needed to solve the problems it caused me. Together with the other alarming problems raised by other, I have no confidence in the software.