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Delete or Keep all Snapshots? and keep only One?

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  • Delete or Keep all Snapshots? and keep only One?

    I was looking around the info and how many snapshots i have in RollBack Rx Pro , and it looks that i have 9 snapshots.

    Just curios if i should keep all those snap shots or delete some to free some space.


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    In settings you can select the number of snapshots you want to keep. Oldest snapshots will be deleted automatically if the total number exceeds the number you have set. Only unlocked snapshots can be deleted. You can unlock or lock and delete a snapshot by right clicking. After every Windows update, on the avg once every month, I uninstall and reinstall the RX program to start with a new baseline.


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      So the BaseLine must stay in place as that is the main on if something happens?

      I have not set on the days.



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        When you want to install/ upgrade to a new Windows (10) version, you must uninstall RX completely. All snapshots, incl baseline will be deleted. After the Win upgrade, you have to reinstall RX and you will have a new fresh baseline. For a monthly small Windows update, often a security update, you do not need to uninstall RX. But I do uninstall RX and reinstall it again to get a new baseline for these kind of Win updates (or any other major change to the computer). I never delete this basline to be able to always get back to the state.of the computer when this baseline was created. Deleting a baseline
        can be done in RX 11.1, however could not be done in RX 10.7.
        I use this safe baseline route, but it is not a fixed rule anymore with RX 11.1.


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          Reading again, my story may be was not fully clear. I used RX Pro 10.7 for a number of years, but with version 11.1 things all changed by HDS of which I am not happy.yet. But the baseline story remains. Do not delete the baseline if you want to return to the state of the computer when this baseline was created. In 11.1 the baseline is unlocked by default and may be deleted automatically. You can prevent this from happening by making it locked. How many other snapshots you keep or delete, it is up to you. I experience problems with 11.1, therefore I changed back to 10.7 for the time being.


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            Sorry for my late reply, Was gone for few days ! and Thank you for that info.
            I am on 11.1 on my win10 Home 64bit and win update at 1803.
            I have not experienced any start up problem yet, but i never had to restore yet.



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              You need to uninstall RX completely before installing or upgrading to a new window version.
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