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Looking for free alternatives to Reboot Restore Rx

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  • Looking for free alternatives to Reboot Restore Rx

    I work in a public library as their sys admin, 2yrs ago Horizon DataSys donated reboot restore Rx to all non-profits anywhere in the world. I've been very pleased with this program until recently when I began using WSUS and realized that when Igo downstairs to disable reboot and install the updates they aren't there because every time it restarts it's taking me back to before they were downloaded. I'm wondering if there is a free alternative that won't interfere with updating.
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    With most "snapshot" redirect-after-write software (which ReBOOT Restore is), it needs to be completely disabled PRIOR TO any updates of any kind (changes to the surface of your protected disk). It knows no other way to protect your System or what's good or bad as far as the DATA on the surface of your disk is concerned.
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      If you're referring to Reboot Restore Rx (freeware) then it needs to be disabled before any updates can be ran, then once they are you re-enable it and the updates will have been applied.

      This is covered in the User Guide:

      If you wanted to automate all of that, that's something you would need Reboot Restore Rx Pro Edition for. It's not free but it is heavily subsidized for non-profits so you aren't paying too much. You might want to download the trial and see if it fits your needs. I installed it as an alternative to Deep Freeze (which Reboot Restore Rx is similar to) and I found it made day to day usage so much easier as you have update management and remote management tools.