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New Rollback v11.1.2704030551 corrupted my computer

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    I'm using version 11.0 with no problems.
    run 3 online


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      Rollback Pro Rx Version 11.1, build #2704376957, is back again, since Feburary 8th, as the version available for download. If anyone here has been willing to risk it, has it gotten rid of the fatal defects in build #2704035511 from last December 12th?


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        The new version 11 build should fix some of the problems reported by users. If you're specifically referring to the checkdisk isue, then that would have been resolved as well.



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          That's good to hear.


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            Tested the latest version (...597) today for a hour or so and the corruption is fixed.........but

            There are still issues with the Space Saving Mode (SSM) and Fast Restore Mode (FRM) feature. Switching to FRM was easy enough (RB restore required) but i could not for the life of me get RB to retain the SSM when i tried to switch back to it. It changed to SSM when i clicked on it but upon any restore it reverted back to FRM (even though the 2 options remained ticked). Some more work please.

            Also something wrong with the resulting snapshot size once you delete the "Installation snapshot" while in SSM. I deleted the "Installation snapshot" as well as 4 other snapshots at once and the "installation snapshot" went from 70GB to 231GB. Me thinks a real problem there....No amount of defragging recovered the space.


            EDIT: Upon further pondering and usage, Im wondering if the SSM current functionality is the way it works. From what i can see if i change to SSM it will remain as such after subsequent reboots and after taking snapshots (as long as the 2 options are ticked). It reverts back to FRM only after a restore and remains in that mode until i change it manually, the 7 hr limit is reached or a snapshot is taken (as long as the 2 options are ticked). See below RB SSM screen.jpg

            EDIT2: Can we please have the "Win:" description added to every snapshot removed please. It's truly annoying...
            RB History showing - Win.jpg

            EDIT3: See anything wrong here.... Easy fix error.jpg
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