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New Rollback v11.1.2704030551 corrupted my computer

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    I'm using version 11.0 with no problems.
    run 3 online


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      Rollback Pro Rx Version 11.1, build #2704376957, is back again, since Feburary 8th, as the version available for download. If anyone here has been willing to risk it, has it gotten rid of the fatal defects in build #2704035511 from last December 12th?


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        The new version 11 build should fix some of the problems reported by users. If you're specifically referring to the checkdisk isue, then that would have been resolved as well.



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          That's good to hear.


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            Tested the latest version (...597) today for a hour or so and the corruption is fixed.........but

            There are still issues with the Space Saving Mode (SSM) and Fast Restore Mode (FRM) feature. Switching to FRM was easy enough (RB restore required) but i could not for the life of me get RB to retain the SSM when i tried to switch back to it. It changed to SSM when i clicked on it but upon any restore it reverted back to FRM (even though the 2 options remained ticked). Some more work please.

            Also something wrong with the resulting snapshot size once you delete the "Installation snapshot" while in SSM. I deleted the "Installation snapshot" as well as 4 other snapshots at once and the "installation snapshot" went from 70GB to 231GB. Me thinks a real problem there....No amount of defragging recovered the space.


            EDIT: Upon further pondering and usage, Im wondering if the SSM current functionality is the way it works. From what i can see if i change to SSM it will remain as such after subsequent reboots and after taking snapshots (as long as the 2 options are ticked). It reverts back to FRM only after a restore and remains in that mode until i change it manually, the 7 hr limit is reached or a snapshot is taken (as long as the 2 options are ticked). See below RB SSM screen.jpg

            EDIT2: Can we please have the "Win:" description added to every snapshot removed please. It's truly annoying...
            RB History showing - Win.jpg

            EDIT3: See anything wrong here.... Easy fix error.jpg
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              Is it safe to update to the latest build of 2704376597 of RollBack Rx Pro?

              I have right now Win10 with v1803 and my computer it keep asking to update to v1809!

              My System has RRx Pro with v11.1 build 2704030551 installed right now.

              I am reading all that is happening and wanted to know if updating to build 2704376597 with win10 / v1803 is working fine?, then to update to win10 v1809.

              Thanks for the advice on this ! and your hard work testing this.


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                Hi Justmeagain. First up. The 551 build your using is the build that can cause corruption ( in my experience DOES cause corruption). The 597 build has corrected this corruption issue and is what im using now. However there appears to be an issue with the way you update your baseline via the new space saving feature. This feature now allows you to delete your "Installation" snapshot (provided it is unlocked) and after a defrag the next snapshot now becomes the new Baseline. BUT when i tried this the resulting new "baseline" tripled in size which clearly means it's not working right.

                This actually doesnt affect me as i dont bother with updating the baseline. I do the tried and tested method of simply uninstalling RB, Trimming my SSD and then reinstalling RB. The only downside to this is you lose all of your snapshots. But because i use an SSD then uninstalling RB periodically and running a TRIM command is highly recommended for the longevity of the SSD.(because no mattter how HDS spin it, Froggie has proved over and over again that TRIM does not function as intended while RB is installed).

                So in short, definitely use build 597 but dont delete the "installation" snapshot until the snapshot size issue is resolved.

                Now, Im using Win 10 build v1809. I dont see any reason for not updating to it from build v1803 but that's your decision to make. The real issue is the corruption that may have occured because your still using RB build 551. Firstly i would open up a command prompt window in admin mode. then run this command

                chkdsk c:

                Replace "c:" with what ever you chose to protect when RB was installed. In fact you should run this command for all of your drives in case more than one drive has been protected. If corruption is detected then your best choice would be to recover from a clean image file. If you dont have a clean image file then running "CHKDSK C: /f" will attempt to fix your issues but sadly i think this may leave your system severely damaged at best and unbootable at worst, not to mention data loss on your personal files. Most importantly though, I would run "chkdsk c; /f" AFTER uninstalling RB to reduce the chance of an unbootable system. (Mind you, this can usually be rectified by using a startup repair disk that you create in windows).

                So 2 ways to proceed. Both cases uninstall RB and REBOOT the system.

                1. Restore Clean image

                Best choice. From here you can upgrade to Win 10 v1809 and then install RB build 597. Or stay at Win 10 v1803 and install RB build 597....your choice. But before installing RB, be sure to take an image of your corruption free system.

                2. Repair Windows file system using CHKDSK.

                The problem with this is that chdsk cannot ensure that the data file it "repairs" is actually corruption free. So after doing this, I highly recommend that you do upgrade to Win 10 v1809 so that Windows can be fixed properly. However your personal data files are another issue that can only be fixed from clean backups. Also if some programs have experienced corruption then you may have to reinstall these as well. Once your satisfied take an image of your corruption free system.
                Now install RB build 597

                Good luck

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                  Thanks for reply and the good advice.

                  First let me start to say that till now i have no problems booting or anything on "Win10 with v1803 with RB v11.1 build 2704030551"

                  But i am thinking that from the time i have installed RB i can not do Windows Image backup or to create restore points.

                  See attached pictures:

                  Create restore not working:

                  Windows Image:

                  I get those errors ... but i think it may have to do with this:

                  just did not want to mess with it, maybe i may do something to make windows not work again on me, or something.

                  Now, i do have a 500gb SSD too, (Main C drive where win C is on)

                  But never understood about the trimming , may have to look into it, what's about, and if i need to do anything, or performance wise...

                  Next Post....
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                    Now for RB , i have this snapshots at the moment:

                    Witch are with this version: v11.1 build 2704030551

                    As per your advice i have done chkdsk c: check and got this results:

                    Not seeing any errors, on it.

                    At this point, i have not updated windows or RB, as i have to backup my tunderbird emails, chrome bookmarks, and whatever i have on the desktop , just in case of something that may happen after trying to update .

                    " be sure to take an image of your corruption free system."
                    Not sure i understood that one, u mean if i do "chkdsk c:" and i find an error? or...

                    Thanks for your time! and advice.