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Problem with Rollback Rx

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  • Problem with Rollback Rx

    i have a problem with Rollback Rx Pro
    i want to delete a snapshot and she appear a error"cannot delete the baseline or current or locked snapshot"
    i tried to delete to the safe but error
    i don't want to uninstall the program.
    i use Rollback Rx Pro v10.7 build 2702800906
    windows 8.1 pro x64
    pls help me.

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    Mihaita, Since you can't delete the current snapshot, the way to delete the one you took 21 days ago is to take a new one. Then that older one will no longer be your current snapshot, and you should be able to delete it. (You might also have to restart the system, but I'm not sure about that.) By the way, I don't know why you take so few snapshots. If you were to run into trouble, you wouldn't be able to return to a recent healthy state of the system, but only to the one 21 days ago or the one 237 days ago. The program's default setting, if I'm not mistaken, is for it automatically to take a snapshot at the first boot of every day. Do you never turn your computer off? Or did you delete that default setting?


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      i don't delete the settings
      it work yo are the best of the best of the best.
      thank you i love you.