I recently installed the latest version of Roll Back on my new (for me) laptop. I have used an older version of RX on another computer and I really liked it, but this new version confuses me.
After a few days Rollback my hard drive was almost full. I could not find a way to update the base line ( that has helped me in the past). I don't need to do a lot of snapshots. If I have the baseline and a snapshot once a week that would work fine for me. Then I would like to be able to update the baseline once a month. Is that no longer possible in the program? So I uninstalled the program. and now I have 120GB free on a C;\ drive that shows 465GB capacity ( it's supposed to a a 500GB) .
So I'm wondering it Rollback is even usable in my situation...Or will I need to get a bigger hard drive first?