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New Rollback v11.1.2704030551 release and once again no details on changes

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  • New Rollback v11.1.2704030551 release and once again no details on changes

    It's like HDS love giving the strong critics of RB fuel for their fire. Once again a new version has been released with no fan fare and with a couple of ACTUAL new features that have absolutely no detail explaining the purpose or effect they'll have on your system. Case in point

    – Add program settings and function to switch from Fast Restore Mode to Space Saving Mode.
    – Allow deletion of the installation snapshot in Space Saving Mode.
    If someone at HDS could be bothered to explain the above features in detail would be very helpful. An explanation of how its now possible to delete the "Installation Snapshot" ( you know....the snapshot that all following snapshots build on????) can now be magically deleted would be very interesting in deed. Further more, my understanding of snapshots is that they only actually contain the snapshot table information hence the claim of the abitlity to take 60,000 snapshots (remember that old timers) because this method uses a minuscule amount of data. The only caviar is that the snapshots must hold all the data it references and this is where the confusion of snapshot sizes always arises ( another topic altogether).

    So the "installation snapshot" references all the data on the HD at the point of installation (the entire drive data). The snapshot size it shows is the data on the entire drive at point of installation. It's the actual physical data that already exists on the HD plus a minute amount for the snapshot table. There is no ADDITIONAL space used in this snapshot. The size of the snapshot is the absolute minimum is can physically be.

    I reiterate again. How can this snapshot now be "deleted" and space be created???? Has RB's underlying architecture been radically changed to allow for even the deletion of the installation snapshots, and then the ability to still build subsequent snapshots out of thin air??

    I am dying to read this explaination....if it ever even eventuates.

    EDIT: The explanation that is given here is what i expect to see in the release notes. We the paying users, should not be expected to beg and grovel for an explanation of your product every time it changes.
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    Absolutely unbelievable Ram Sarma ...time to go to work here!

    I surely await the documentation requested by carfal


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      How surprising... still no response.


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        Well... did some playing. The so called "Space Saving" mode is on, by DEFAULT, upon installation (I'm not sure I agree with that). This allows me to not only UNLOCK but DELETE the baseline installation snap shot reference... and when you do it, the reference is GONE. Your next oldest snapshot, basically, becomes your new installation baseline but retains its original name and description.

        What this seems to do is re-baseline your setup without eliminating all the follow-on snapshots. If you use the "Uninstall to INSTALLATION" option, what will occur is that your System will be taken back to the oldest snapshot in your DataBase, not to the state it was at when Rollback was installed IF you have deleted your installation snapshot.

        I have no comment on all this... not sure what it's all about except it probably saves some index space in the snapshot database (to me it looked like about 100mB of space for my test setup). I still don't know what "Space Saving" mode is and user's should be concerned as it's now the System DEFAULT upon installation (and "things" occur at a 7-day interval and/or after every snapshot).

        Still waiting on that documentation...


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          All signs point to an overwhelmed development team that can barely maintain a few products. Look at Drive Cloner... that is the most important product because it is the one that is to be used to backup your snapshots. However, it works for very few people.

          Instead of fixing Drive Cloner, we get questionable RBRx features - that no one I know of asked for.

          Overall, RBRx has worked well for me, but I cancelled all my subscriptions because there is no reliable way to backup snapshots using native HDS tech. I don't want to go the route of Macrium and that ilk because those solutions have proven highly unreliable. People can claim they are reliable all they wish, but I and others have been able to prove at-will that they aren't.

          I work in the industry, so I know from experience when a development team cannot handle things. It there are only a handful or less of HDS developers, that is insufficient for the product given its nature, the moving target that is W10, and the number of products in the HDS pipeline. I'm betting there are only 1 or 2 senior developers. And with that limitation, nothing is ever going to change.

          Time to accept reality for what it is and drop the wishful thinking and the criticisms... because it just ain't ever going to change. Pushing back on HDS is gonna result in zero results every time with that reality.
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            Hell, there is NO space saver.
            I want my Update Baseline back, so I can get my lost space back..
            Lost 300Gb and no way to get it back..
            Unless I uninstall.. which is pointless to do every time.
            No wonder why nobody recommend this program anymore... it's turning into CRAP.


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              With in regards to the space saver, there's a KB article about it on our site,


              Let me know if you guys have any questions


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                how about reading the posts.. that Kb doesn't help... it doesn't save space... it makes the snapshot 10x bigger..
                Previous built works fine.
                Space saver ignores all the settings, woohoo..