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rollback rx makes my pc run heavy and snapshot takes large space GB size

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  • rollback rx makes my pc run heavy and snapshot takes large space GB size

    whenever i install rollback rx 11 , it makes my pc becoming heavy, snapshot takes large space, as soon as i uninstall it my pc runs softly i use windows 10 latest version 1809. i had this problem since rollback 10. Before when i used windows 7 and old versions of rollback i do not have these problems. rollback rx makes my pc run heavy and snapshot takes large space GB size on my hard drive, why ?

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    If i may make the following suggestions

    1a). Turn off the scheduled Windows Defrag. In fact never defrag using external programs while RB is installed. This will give large snapshots and possibly use all your free space
    b) This is even more important if you have an SSD protected by RB. Windows defrag performs Optimizations which is fancy for TRIM. Never execute TRIM while RB installed. Likely a show stopper (Not sure if this has been resolved in v11 but i wouldnt like to test it)

    2. Disable "Windows Search" in services.

    3. If you use programs like CCleaner, NEVER WIPE the HD while RB is installed. This will also be a show stopper.

    4. Before installing RB, disable System Restore and delete all existing restore points. Wont need this while RB is installed and will be a cause of excess snapshot sizes

    5. Keep large data files on an unprotected drive. I only ever protect my C: drive by running a custom install. This way my large data files located on other drives can be edited without increasing my RB snapshot sizes. An example of this is my VM files. They can be very large indeed.

    If you still have large snapshot sizes then its something that support will have to handle. As far as your system becoming heavy, before i got an SSD, normal drives felt heavy for me as well when RB was installed. However, with an SSD everything flys..


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      i have system mechanic insatal on my pc, can this be a problem


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        New real-time technology that optimises file organisation on both solid state drives (SSD) and traditional hard disk drives (HDD).
        Working deep inside the Windows operating system, it minimises the degree that a new file, or changes to existing files, will be stored inefficiently. By minimising the random writing of data, AcceleWrite increases overall system..
        Program Accelerator™
        Speeds up overall program responsiveness by re-aligning all of a program’s dependent files on the hard drive.
        The problem: program misalignment can be a major cause of system slowdown created by errant Windows and software updates. It leads to progressively slower program launch and responsiveness as dependent files become scattered all over the hard drive.
        Program Accelerator’s unique patent-pending technology adds sophistication to enhance defrag tools, such as DriveAccelerator™, and move related files back together.
        Program Accelerator jump-starts your sluggish programs by fully re-aligning your whole PC file system.
        I dont use that program but at a quick glance at their website, I'm willing to bet that at the very least, these two features are definitely giving you larger than expected snapshots. I'm also going out on a limb here and suggest that this program is also the reason for your system feeling "heavy". It seems to be running alot of other background "optimizations" that frankly are not necessary and are a definite burden to your system. Coupled with RB i think that they're really not compatible IMHO.

        I think you'll have to make a choice...RB or System mechanic?