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  • Feature suggestions for RollBack Rx

    At the time of writing, I'm still using the 10.7 version of RollBack Rx Pro, as I currently see no need to upgrade...

    But here are some suggestions for features that would make me do so.
    • Add true TRIM supoort
    I've never tested this myself, but Froggies extensive research leaves no doubt that RollBack Rx does not really send TRIM commands to our SSDs. Currently, the only workarounds are to either periodically disable RollBack, or overprovision the SSD so the controller has space to move data around.
    • Improve Data Encryption functionality and/or compatibility with BitLocker (and ideally other full disk encryption software as well)
    I am aware that RollBack Rx has its own data encryption function, however it does not currently provide the security like Full Disk Encryption does, as it only encrypts snapshots, but not the Baseline. The way things are now, users need to move sensitive files off the disk protected by RollBack Rx before installing it (and repeat the process every time they disable the protection), and then move them back to it after enabling encryption.

    Maybe the option to install RollBack's Boot component in the PBR insted of MBR is a first step towards a possible compatibility with BitLocker (which is widely used nowadays) and possibly VeraCrypt (less widely used, but really cool nonetheless ), but if there's a way to technically make RollBack compatible with FDE, it should at leat be somewhere on the TODO list of Horizon DataSys.

    Improving RollBack's own encryption functionality is probably(?) more easy to implement. What I would like to see is the ability to select what files and folders you want to have encrypted across ALL snapshots (including the Baseline), in addition to the possibility to encrypt the whole Baseline (which would make the "Disable Protection" function a really slow process, so a warning should probably be displayed). This would practically render the need for compatibility with Full Disk Encryption software obsolete (althouth it would be still cool to have it )

    These two things are what I would really love to see implemented in RollBack, even one of them would not make me (and probably many on this forum) complain about a direct jump to version 12.