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  • Rollback Rx v11

    The new taskbar icon in v11 is hidious, blurry unlike the one that comes with v10.7 which is clear and sharp. Speaking of v10.7, Horizon knew that Rollback had issues with major Microsoft Creators updates and they held back fixes for the bugs from v10.7 and added in a so called new version with a different coat of paint and slapped the name on it, v11 and charging us like it's something fully new. This type of business practices makes customers look for alternative software which I'll do in the future.
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    Blurry? I'm able to see the tray icon clearly. Perhaps something to do with power saving mode or your icon cache.

    Version 11 was announced or expected around 2016 and a lot of those announced features at that time were put into Version 10 builds. It's to each's own on what the value of the program is for you but I'm happy with what we have. Would've been nice to have in 2016 but I'm not gonna cry afoul over that.