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  • Thank you i had an itch there

    I have not had Rollback RX Pro installed on my Windows 10's i own 2 license for pro, because of the inconsistency and possible failure after the windows 10 fall update a year ago, i fought and stood up for Horizon when ever a certain user would bash Horizon about the faulty and what ever and i just saw new version yes ver 11 i dl, and ran installer and to my surprise Horizon has chosen to make every ver 10.2-10.7 user who has a pro license BEND OVER SMILE AND GET A REDWOOD PUSHED UP SO HARD THAT YOU SEE STARS WHERE THE SUN DON*T SHINE, and just take it.
    Or said in another way we got f.... over by Horizon and those of us who where patient and fought the battle against the haters because our license our fu... expensive pro license went down the drain, and we are made to by a upgrade or new license to be able to use the new Version 11 and ofc you have no plans for fixing the broken version that will never work again because of the changes ms made, wow i have seen many money grubers but Horizon really takes the prize home you fooled every loyal customer and made us wait 2 years just to find i am forced into buying a new license x2 if i want to use Rollback RX Pro and sure go ahead install version 10.*** if your unhappy ohh btw we updated our disclaminer and guess what we no longer provide support for ver 10.xx meaning its on your head if it breaks your install hahahahaha yea i bet everyone can hear Horizon laughing their *** off, well i will not get f.... twice so i will have to accept i have 2 pro license i can print on a piece of paper save it for when i run out of toilet paper then use it to wipe my behind because that's all its good for