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Rollback V11 PBR vs MBR and Hibernate file

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  • Rollback V11 PBR vs MBR and Hibernate file

    I asked Customer support and they didn't know

    What is the difference between PBR and MBR?
    if the MBR get's currupted will the PBR still work, and will it fix the MBR

    2nd. Does Hibernate work now with this version? since my system has 64 Gb of RAM and Rollback would not work otherwise.
    (making the SDD corrupt, and updating Baseline would result in BSOD and restore snapshot or uninstall would cause
    BSOD) and need to redo my whole SSD


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    Hey great questions Mr.Dutchie,

    The difference between the MBR and PBR is not that much, as in there's no significant load time changes or anything like that.

    However, depending on how your machine is set up, it may be beneficial to inject into the PBR rather than MBR as the boot order itself will change, it could eliminate issues you may be having but its entirely dependant on the hardware and software setup you have.

    In version 11 we actually upped the memory compatibility! So your 64 gig Ram will work on this new version. The previous version had issues with higher memory machines and the subsystem would have issues with it (We also upped the cache compatibility of the subsystem too)



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      The Hibernate file still won't work with Rollback and my system.
      See the other thread with all the tests I have done with it.