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Rollback V11 is out... but have questions

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    What does your INI look like for rollback?

    This is Mine.

    This is the ini file
    ReserveMemory=1 ;
    ;CompressedDrive=1 ;If=1, allow setup on compressed drives. But the program files folder cannot be compressed.
    ;VerifySector=0 ;If=0, do not check the sector consistency between Windows and BIOS.

    I just received a PM, with the following
    When you remove the; it initiates the ini command and will base it according to the number (0 for disable , 1 for enable)

    Page- file allows protection of the pagefile.sys
    Hibernation allows protection of the hibernation data

    As far as i am aware both are protected by default now (This seems to change per build according to the pogramming structure)

    To me it seems like there is no protection for those files since they are marked with a ;
    unless the default is 1 when there is a ;


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      Hey, Dutchie sent you a response but didn't realize you were referring to this post. It is a bit weird how it looks but it was more for the programmability

      Again let me explain


      the ; in front of these switches forces the inert default which is 1

      If you remove the semicolon then its dependant on what you want (1 or 0)



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        Originally posted by mrdutchie View Post
        All I have set to keep the same is My Documents and Desktop.


        You can try do disable file&folder exclusions and then check how fast your system boots (with Fast Boot disabled, of course ).

        In my experience, exclusions can considerably slow down the boot procees, because all excluded files are being COPIED (via shdsync.exe) during bootup from the last snapshot to the one you're loading, every single time.

        I, too, have a black screen during bootup for 15-20 seconds before the copy process starts if I have exclusions enabled.

        Maybe that's the time required to load and mount the previous snapshot in the background?


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          Nah that's not the problem. it's the new Nvidia Video driver that's causing the problem with Rollback. The older Video driver works.
          This was the same in V10 as well.

          The restore should not take over an hour.. for 0 files to be replaced. (since it keeps freezing.. Keyboard is also locked up)
          when I disable Hibernate, then everything it fine.

          Even tried a default install with no exclusions. so that's not the problem


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            I spoke to soon.
            Did a rollback to a previous snapshot that I made 5 minutes ago, and it locked up again.
            So this is randomly just happening, on the file synchronization..
            Had opened a ticket but it's been 2 weeks.. and not a single word


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              While testing RollBack Rx, I also had it lock up during file synchronization, when I deliberately tried what the manual says you should not do: exclude folders with system files inside.

              So, I excluded my system32 folder, and sure enough, sync froze at one point...which makes sense, since the synchronization tries to replace system files being used during booting.

              Now, you mentioned that you only exclude your "My Documents" folder and the Desktop, so it theoretically should not be an issue...but just maybe some file _is_ being accessed during bootup...for example, some icons on the desktops are not just pure links to .exe files, but to installers that pass some parameters to a launcher.

              Or maybe you have something that's auto-starting from your "My Documents" folder?

              Anyway, it's just a theory with nothing to back it up, it still should _not_ happed, because normally the Desktop and autostarts in the registry are processed later during the bootup, after the synching is already done...


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                Last time I checked I only have shortcuts on my desktop to files in misc folders, and none of them are auto starting.
                Also if that's the cause, RX should SKIP the files are are in use during bootup I guess.. but who am I.

                For now I turned the whole exclude part off. so if I have try it again and see what happens.
                And actually, I used 2 of the favorites in the pre-defined list for the exclusion.
                I picked Documents and Desktop.
                I know desktop (and other folders) have hidden files like thumb.db and some ini files ... i can't inmagine RX is freezing on that.
                although i am not surprised at all any more at this moment.

                Over 5 years I've never been able to have a successful installation, and nobody at Rollback gives a ****. (Tickets are just being closed / ignored / deleted)


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                  ok, heard back from my ticket and Hibernate file is NOT supported and needs to be disabled.
                  Then I still have the freezing problem left over for restoring files.