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Rollback V11 is out... but have questions

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  • Rollback V11 is out... but have questions

    Nice to see the new version with no announcement.. but wondering why the Bug fixes are not fixed in V10.x

    Also... can you finally leave the hibernation file on ..
    2nd Update Baseline never worked for me, was always resulting in a BSOD and crashing the whole system.. only a Format would fix the problem.

    3rd Is the update free for V10 users? or is there a Discount?

    4th V11 will still download V10.7 ....

    – Fix the bug of locking dump file in redirecting dump thread
    – Support resuming in uninstall and update baseline process
    – Fix BSOD caused by disabling Rollback Rx
    – Fix mount snapshots as virtual drives problem on cross-linked partitions

    – Expand the pre-OS module data cache from 4GB to 32GB for processing update baseline
    – Change Update baseline from pre-OS module to Windows modules
    – Increase shield.res to 1.5MB to support Windows OS upgrades
    – Add option to install Rollback Rx bootloader into PBR (instead of MBR) for systems that change MBR frequently
    – Add shdcmd.exe /logodelaytime command
    – Fix the bugs on updating sectors during uninstall
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    the portal has not been updated yet, so we must fill the form again , get the link via mail to download v11


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      Does it work with the V10 Key ?

      Also those questions, any official Comment from the people them selved?


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        Well, I've taken a quick look at it. All I really see is some COLOR differences in the User Interface... not a completely new GUI at all. Usually a brand new major level upgrade (v10-v11) contains many new major features or capability... I really don't see any of that. The optional MBR to PBR Rollback BOOT code move may help some who are having issues with Anti<whatever> applications, but other than that, I really don't see much... especially if an upgrade cost is involved. This looks more like an attempt at a new revenue stream for HDS than a real new improvement to the application.

        Could someone from HDS drop by and explain the major new features or capability... I'm sure that would help us all understand what's just happened here.


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          Was told that there is no upgrade discount unless you have the gold plan. (which makes it more expensive, then buying it with a discount coupon for $50) But the Chat person didn't know anything either, nor anything is explained in the new manual.. To me it's a bug fixed version that you have to pay for... All these bugs had to be fixed in V10.x since some of them are MAJOR ones.. and gives me more reason to think that V10.7 is bugged and to get your system fixed, you have to pay for it..

          Opened up a ticket as well, with the same questions, and no answer so far.. Seems like they don't look at the forum at all.


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            Also that option to Disable RX during Windows updates... Does that mean you need to update the baseline everytime?
            It's already eating space for no reason... and uninstalling Rollback really becomes a pain, esp if ir makes your SSD not boot anymore..

            So many question, and 0 (zero) support


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              Maybe someone can explain these items... why and what the difference will be with V10.

              PRE-OS ENVIRONMENT

              – Expand the pre-OS module data cache from 4GB to 32GB for processing update baseline
              – Change Update baseline from pre-OS module to Windows modules
              – Increase shield.res to 1.5MB to support Windows OS upgrades
              – Add option to install Rollback Rx bootloader into PBR (instead of MBR) for systems that change MBR frequently
              – Fix the bugs on updating sectors during uninstall


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                Hey Guys, We just released this yesterday and im trying to work through a lot of questions from our users so please bear with me here.

                Glad that you have a ton of questions here Dutchie So let me try and tackle them down...

                "Also... can you finally leave the hibernation file on .."

                I'm not sure what you mean here so you may want to clarify if you can sir.

                "2nd Update Baseline never worked for me, was always resulting in a BSOD and crashing the whole system.. only a Format would fix the problem."

                Well technically this shouldn't happen even in 10.7 so obviously, something is wrong there, you may want to create a ticket on our support page so we can have a further look...

                "3rd Is the update free for V10 users? or is there a Discount?"

                If you made the purchase within 60 days, you can get the upgrade for free... We also do have an upgrade discount you'll want to pm me if you want it

                "4th V11 will still download V10.7 ...."
                Yeah sorry about that! That's completely our fault there ... That should have been fixed by now though so give it a try again if you haven't already

                I can clarify these changes and if there's any you want me to go in further details just let me know.

                PRE-OS ENVIRONMENT
                – Expand the pre-OS module data cache from 4GB to 32GB for processing update baseline

                This resolves issues people were having with the subsystem cache is too small error message when booting up the machine. If you haven't had this problem before it's not necessarily something to worry about

                – Change Update baseline from pre-OS module to Windows modules
                Updating baseline now occurs from the windows element rather than the Pre-OS side. This allows the process to be faster and you wont have to wait too long from the subsystem side... You still need to restart the machine to confirm the changes though (It'll prompt it)

                – Increase shield.res to 1.5MB to support Windows OS upgrades

                The emphasis on this version actually is to eliminate issues we were having with users with window 10 updates. You should be aware now that during our beta testing period users were able to upgrade to creator 1803 and previous versions without having to uninstall the program entirely. This change is 1 of the many needed to allow that to happen.

                – Add option to install Rollback Rx bootloader into PBR (instead of MBR) for systems that change MBR frequently

                Froggie pretty much explained this.

                – Fix the bugs on updating sectors during uninstall

                During the uninstall it the subsystem would freeze on updating sectors and create issues, we fixed a bug related to that.

                I was going to create a new post but i think we can just continue off of this one, if you guys have any questions or need clarification please let me know.



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                  Well, if I read all the responses correctly, what we have here in v11 is a bunch of v10 bug fixes AND the ability to move the RBrx BOOT code fom the MBR to the PBR... other than that, not a single new feature. And for that, you're asking users who have been licensed more that 60-days ago to pony up for those repairs, even the users whose Systems contain the bugs you're claiming to fix.

                  To me, this just doesn't sound like the method you want to take to retain users of your application. You're basically making them pay to repair a version they've already purchased... this is something HDS is supposed to do, not users, with flakey versions of the software.

                  For users that don't seem to have any of the problems your v11 is supposed to fix, what are they getting in the v11 upgrade that makes it worth their investment? I guess I'm still pretty confused...


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                    The Goal of this new version is two-fold, to address many of the bugs that users have experienced throughout the years, as well as to step away from the build 10 version numeration. To clarify, many of the bugs reported had surface throughout the years especially with every iteration of Windows 10. A lot of these reports were not reported directly from the forums so any changes you see on the release notes, may not be a big deal to you, but is a big deal to the people affected.

                    As for my second point, we have added features to version 10 which were originally planned for version 11 and many of the new features in version 11 were extensive enough to not warrant a minor build update. We are better staffed and equipped to ensure that we're updating the software more regularly and we're going to implement some other requested features in each update, you of all people should know it doesn't just stop at version 11

                    We will have in build updates and each build will bring a new slew of changes that people requested.

                    Froggie, I do completely understand your concerns though, we do realize that some users will/had have issues with 10.7 and I'm sure issues will crop up in this new version 11. We always did our best to address each users problems and we will continue to do so even after. No software is perfect and with each case, we strengthen our software even more to provide even better protection for our users.

                    I understand you were maybe expecting a massive amount of features right off the bat, and I'm extremely sorry if this build has been disappointing to you, we worked tirelessly each day to try and get this going and that's not going to stop even after this initial release.

                    This isn't just Rollback Rx as well, we're rolling out the new versions on all of our software (Reboot Restore Rx, Pro and Freeware, and both the Free and Server editions of Rollback Rx) They'll be coming soon but we wanted to push out Version 11 for Rollback Rx Pro users first.

                    Those features you want are coming, they'll come in future build updates and I hope that we will get to a point where the software finally puts a smile on your face.

                    Actually, I'm surprised we don't even have a feature request topic I should start one in case you guys have any input.

                    I can tell you guys that right now we have a big list of features we want to implement. Version 11.0 is just the start

                    Thanks for reading.


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                      Thanks Ram Sarma for that explanation... I guess that's what I expected. Will be waiting patiently for those "features" mentioned in your post.

                      ...and FTWMHAI (for those who may have an interest), successful SSD TRIMming while running under Rollback RX v11 remains non-functional as it has since RBrx TRIM was introduced many, many years ago.

                      I really don't want to get into a lengthy "discussion" on this issue once again. My testing methodology has been reviewed an infinitum on this Forum as well as with the HDS Devs and Support (they witnessed my testing via System REMOTE ENTRY). Suffice it to say, SSD TRIM DOES NOT WORK (as far as the SSD itself is concerned) while running under Rollback RX v11.
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                        Ram Sarma I had opened MANY tickets in the last 5 years for that.
                        Rollback will crash during a rollback or update Baseline.
                        Since my laptop had 64 Gb RAM that was causing a problem, so I had to disable the Hibernate File in order for Rollback to work properly.
                        Sam even made posts about that to me which I don't agree with.
                        I saw your post :
                        so it "might" fix my 64 gb problem then.

                        if you search the board for "hibernate" you see my questions in the past and comments from Mods and Admins.
                        Also you can look at my Case history.

                        so I guess I would like a promo code / discount.. if V11 fixes the 64 Gb RAM issue as described in your other post


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                          How do I install it in PBR instead of MBR ?
                          I looked in the manual, but could not find anything about that. I didn't see it in the setup.

                          I enabled the hibernate file again before install, but bootup is still taking a long time with RX installed. from 5 seconds to about 90-120 seconds.

                          if RX is NOT installed I don't see errors
                          but when it's installed I see these in the windows Event log

                          8 warnings:
                          The speed of processor X in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 2 seconds since the last report.
                          X = Processor 1 through 8

                          and this one

                          Fatal Error:

                          Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

                          Again, those don't show up if RX is NOT installed.

                          the Fatal error is the video driver, and I use the latest drivers and even tried the stock laptop video drivers for Nvidia 1080 GTX

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                            To me, this still looks like some sort of conflict between RollBack Rx and some other piece of software you have installed on your system.
                            I don't think it's the video driver's fault and suspect that the other warnings in the Event log are just symptoms of the system being halted during boot for some reason.

                            I'm trying to figure out what I would do in your case... if you have a complete and current image of your system without RollBack installed, you could experiment a bit: Uninstall RollBack and then remove some of the programs you suspect could be conflicting with it. As I said, my best bet would be security software that intercepts interaction with Windows API, like Comodo's Security Package, etc... But it might also be something completely different. By removing software, you would progressively head towards a clean Windows installation with only drivers loading up. Hopefully somewhere along the way the errors would disappear (the hard part would be identifying what caused the error, if you removed several software packages at a time before trying RollBack again)... Then, you can restore the clean image of your system, remove the conflicting program (unless you really need it, of course), install RollBack again and enjoy fast and error-free startups.

                            That's at least how I would do's tedious, would take a lot of time and it still might NOT work ). It entirely depends on your need and determination to have RollBack installed on your system.

                            By the way, do the errors still appear with the new version if you disable fast boot?


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                              Well, What is Fastboot? Is that the Hibernate file?
                              If I disable Hibernate then it's still the same error.
                              UNless Fastboot is something else.