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  • Hibernate file question

    I decided to install Rollback again, and grabbed the latest one from last year...
    Do I still need to disable the hidden file hibernate.sys file ? otherwise it was causing problems with Rollback on my system?

    My LAPTOP system is still
    Windows 10
    64Gb Ram
    2 + 1 Tb SSD drives

    Thank you

    ps. I asked this question 2 years ago, and this was going to be resolved.. so wondering if it ever got resolved..
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    Is this product still alive btw.?


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      It currently seems as if the product is...hibernating

      Concerning your question: If I remember correctly, I've seen one machine with Windows 7 64bit successfully running Rollback Rx with hibernation enabled...but I am neither sure about it, nor would I personally have hibernation enabled on my system with Rollback installed.

      As hibernation basically just writes the contents of RAM to a file, the risks of the kinds of problems that would be "resolved by a reboot" increase. With low-level redirect-on-write software like Rollback, I would feel uneasy to basically never "really" shut my system down, and choose to live with somewhat longer boot times, so I've never tried it on my system.


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        Think so too.

        Booting takes about 5 minutes, while with the file it takes 10 seconds... idk what Rollback is doing, but it never took that long to boot up for me. (with an older version... the latest one out there seems to be 20 times slower)


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          Wow, 5 minutes is a really long time...suspiciously long, in a "something's not right" way...

          I use the latest pro version of RollBack, a my boot times have only increased maybe by a couple of seconds (RollBack's Boot Screen excluded).

          Maybe there's some conflict with other software, but have you tried booting without hibernation with RollBack not installed? I remember some systems having long boot times related to bad drivers, LAN ports waiting for IPs to be assigned, etc...

          Potentially conflict-prone software would be any kind of security package like a firewall, Host Intrusion Prevention programs; In that case, i would be best to allow everything for every single component of RollBack, and/or temporarily completely disable this security software and reboot to check how fast things will move then.

          So maybe there is a way for you to enjoy reasonable boot times with no hibernation and RollBack active...

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            I think that this product is hibernating....
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              Originally posted by jorma View Post
              I think that this product is hibernating....
              gmail sign up help, admin login
              Well, the forum most definitely is, they apparently still haven't found a moderator...

              As for the product, I certainly hope development continues. Maybe they're looking for a more robust way of dealing with the hardships that Windows 10 has brought to this type of software...Microsoft having the permission to create&resize partitions without asking you, and stuff like that.


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                Hi Mrdutchie. I've never used the Hibernation feature in Win 10 but i have tried Sleep feature with RB installed for a period of about 2 weeks and didn't have any issues.

                I stopped using it because i have an SSD and it boots fast enough without using Sleep ( although boot times from sleep are truly fast). I cant say if Sleep will work flawlessly on your system but i guess there's only one way to find out.

                PS Its very important that the Fast Boot feature is disabled as i reported a while ago that it caused RB to corrupt its snapshots. Also recheck that Fast boot is still disabled after every major OS update as MS has the tendency to re-enble Fast boot with disastrous consequences for RB.

                Edit: If you do want to try hibernation, I believe that you must enable it BEFORE you install RB. Good luck.
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                  just put your pc to sleep, instead of powering off?
                  Hibernation was enabled when I installed it, but it tends to corrupt the system when you do a restore sometimes, or update the Base line... (BSOD) and it will not boot anymore. period. No rescue will work.. (have another post about it from 2 years ago, and was said that they were going to fix it.. but never saw anything, and never heard back from them)