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when a new Roolback Rx will be available

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  • when a new Roolback Rx will be available

    hi, when a new version of Roolback Rx will be available

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    I aslo want to know when...


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      Well... v11 was originally due in January 2016 according to HDS. The Company then stated that there would be a delay in this task due to the User Community requesting (demanding?) compatibility with the new v1507 release of Windows 10. That compatibility was announced in October 2015. To my knowledge, no additional information has been forwarded by HDS since that time.

      There was a brief mention by an HDS member of an "imminent" v11 recently in one of the Forum's threads, but there's been absolutely no discussion of any additional capability of the product or even what a new version 11 would look like as far as features are concerned. I've been a user since v8 and I've never seen a product roadmap from Horizon DataSys as far as Rollback RX is concerned.
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        it's an old question which i asked 1 years ago.


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          2 1/2 years later still no update.. even the 10.x updates stopped last year..
          I wonder if they still exist.