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Rollback Rx Home With Dual Boot

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  • Rollback Rx Home With Dual Boot

    I am thinking of installing Windows 7 back onto my Windows 10 operating system. I am thinking of doing a dual boot setup. Will Rollback Rx Home cause errors (drivers, files & etc) between the two operating systems when changing snapshots? If I have Rollback Rx Home on Windows 10 and restore it would that effect my Windows 7 partition in any way? Can I have Rollback Rx Home installed on both operating systems? Thanks, for taking the time to read and respond.

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    Hey Zalbag,

    When you do a roll back on 1 OS it will affect the other OS as well. Unfortunately, there's no real way for you to be able to separate the roll back interaction as they read off as 1 independant OS through the subsystem.

    Also, Rollback Rx: Home edition does not support a multiboot environment.

    If you have any questions please let me know!


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      Could you elaborate on that?

      "When you do a roll back on 1 OS it will affect the other OS as well."

      Does that mean, if I have two independent operating systems, I am screwed? Obviously, it wouldn't be desirable to not being able to have two separate, untangled operations...


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        They are tangled (using the RBrx multi-BOOT architecture) if you want to be able to rollback either OS... they are not separate installations, and can't be due to the architecture of the application itself.