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How does RollBack deal with "Improper Shutdowns"?

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  • How does RollBack deal with "Improper Shutdowns"?


    I've been using RollBack Rx for a while now, and I am very impressed. It's really unique in its functionality.

    But I do have one question concerning "improper shutdowns". There are many ways a system can crash, BSOD being one of them, but sudden restarts or shutdowns, for example with a bad power supply as the culprit, are others.

    Without RollBack's sector redirection, it's very possible that some file corruption has occured in NTFS due to "torn writes", but at least journaling guarantees a consistent state of the filesystem.

    But what happens on systems protected by RollBack Rx?

    So far I've only had one BSOD, and everything was fine after a reboot with a "Improper Shutdown, checking disk" message by RollBack Rx.

    I've also seen "Detect system data crashed" messages, or hexadecimal strings displayed on the subconsole on other systems.

    I wonder what's going on "under the hood" of RollBack Rx in these scenarios...does it also have some sort of journaling implemented, or another mechanism that prevents an inconsistent state of the sector tables when a sudden power loss occurs? In other words: Is it always safe to go back to a pre-crash snapshot, not just in cases when the system was halted by a BSOD?

    Many thanks,


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    The silence here is deafening. I was kind of interested in this answer as well...


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      I was wondering about this as well.