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Default First Boot of Day Snapshot isn't taken with Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition

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  • Default First Boot of Day Snapshot isn't taken with Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition

    With the new Fall Creators Edition of Windows 10, Rollback Rx 10.7 -- whether the older build or the newest one (2072800906) -- does not take the default snapshot at the first boot of the day. You can schedule a snapshot for each restart, and that works, but only for a restart, not for a clean boot. This is a problem that needs to be fixed.

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    I just figured out the problem and solved it. The Fall Creators Update re-enables the Fast Startup feature of Windows 10. If you turn this off (from Power Settings in the Control Panel), the snapshot at bootup works as it's supposed to.


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      Hello dbolotin,

      Thank you for your response and glad everything worked out for you okay with using our RollBack Rx software. I'll definitely pass on your suggestion to our support team to be aware of this issue going forward.


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        Hi ShainalR. This definitely should be a matter of urgency. There is another side effect of this feature. I updated to the Fall Creator Update a few days ago and after shutdown the next cold boot presented corrupted files. In fact all snapshots became unbootable (even base installation) and only a third party image restore saved me.

        This is actually a very sinister issue because after i installed RB I took a few snapshots after installing programs and did some RESTARTS as well but all seemed in perfect working order. It wasnt until i SHUTDOWN and did a cold boot that RB was corrupted. To tell you the truth, this brought back nightmares of RB v8 corruption issues that nearly caused me to abandon RB but that's ancient history now. Moving on, it suddenly hit me to check the "Fast boot" option and sure enough it had been re-enabled by the Fall Creator upgrade. Needless to say after my image recovery i disabled this feature, reinstalled RB and RB is behaving perfectly.

        Thankfully i shutdown my PC every night so i quickly discovered this serious issue but many people leave their PC running for days if not weeks and even then may preform a RESTART which would not reveal this ticking time bomb. This is a potential catastrophe if they are not prepared with recent third party backups.

        RB has never really cracked this Fast Boot issue and has repeatedly come back to bite people in the a**. I propose that upon installation RB checks that this feature is disabled. If it is then RB should warn of the potential problem and give 3 options...continue (at own risk), automatically disable now or cancel installation allowing the user to manually disable themselves.
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          Hello Carfal,

          Thank you for your response. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but our latest version of RollBack Rx Professional does include the option to "Turn off Protection" so that you're able to perform major Windows upgrades or imaging your PC. It will purge all your snapshots to a new baseline, and removes the subconsole portion of the software. Once the Windows upgrade is completed or if you completed a restore from an image backup, you're able to re-enable the protection again. It's actually a very useful feature since you can still keep the software without having to fully remove it.

          In terms of the Fast Start-Up feature in Windows 10, unfortunately Microsoft would reset the settings back to default whenever a new Windows upgrade is out. I'll definately will pass your suggestion to our development team to see if they can implement a feature like this in the future.


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            Hi ShainIR. Yes i am aware of the "Turn off protection" feature however the real issue is that i was unaware that the Fall Creator Update had turned Fast boot back on. So you can see the problem here. If a user is unaware of Fast Boot being re-enabled then the ticking time bomb exists.

            I'll say again. This should be a matter of priority to resolve as i'm certain there are machines out there that are waiting to self destruct.

            EDIT: I feel that i need to ask the question. Have HDS actually tested that RB works with Fast Boot? If the answer is that HDS recommends that Fast Boot be disabled then you are putting users in a very dangerous position in that RB installs with no warning whatsoever that Fast Boot should be disabled.
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