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Auto Updater just keeps running

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  • Auto Updater just keeps running

    I have Rollback RX Professional 10.4 on Windows 8,1. I've had Rollback on this system forever. Now today, suddenly, the Auto Updater keeps asking if I want Horizon Datasys to make changes to my disk. It keeps popping up every few minutes. I have the Auto Check box unchecked in the "Help About > Check for updates". If I do click on "Check Now" I get an error "Failed to check for updates. The server returned extended information. 0x00002ee3".

    1. What would be suddenly causing this? I think I had recently checked the "Auto Check" option but now I have that unchecked and I have even rebooted.
    2. Is there a way I can completely turn off Auto Check for Updates for Rollback? I don't see that anywhere under Startup in Task Manager. I only see the checkbox in "Help > About > Check for updates" but that IS unchecked.

    UPDATE: I just realized the auto updater is for Drive Cloner, not Rollback. But I do still get the error when trying to check for updates with either Rollback or Drive Cloner (version 6.0). I've turned off auto updates for Drive Cloner for now, I think that will stop the popups.
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    Hello Kevin,

    Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I did some testing and noticed the "Failed To Check Updates" message appearing in Drive Cloner Rx. At this time, I'd recommend to leave the auto check disabled, and will forward your concern to our development team for a future fix on this. Any future updates and fixes that will be released with Drive Cloner will be posted on our Social Media page as well as our website, so keep an eye out on both of them!