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  • Drive protection question

    I have been using Rollback Rx Pro for several years and find it indispensable which is why I wanted to buy a license for my new laptop however, reading some of the posts here made me a little concerned over its reliability today so I decided to test the v10.7 demo last week.

    First of all I should point out that the machine has 3 drives being 2x SSD (1 TB each) in a RAID mirror configuration and 1x SATA (1 TB) for data. My C:\ and D:\ partitions are on the first SSD with my most important data on the D:\ partition. When installing Rollback I was asked to select which partitions I wanted to protect so I selected C & D. Installation went ok but on testing recovery Rollback had ignored both C and D and protected E instead. E:\ as you can imagine is the SATA drive. So my first question is will Rollback not protect SSD's, and if it will, why did it protect the one drive it wasn't even installed on?

    Thinking that maybe I had made some error during installation I went about uninstalling it but, like another user here, found that it stopped searching for data at 42%. Unlike him though, I ended up pressing the power button to shut down the PC and try again. That resulted in a total corruption of Windows with a BSOD at every start up so I am now in the process of reinstalling Windows. Is v10.7 safe for use or should I wait until the next release?

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    From what you describe above, I would not consider it safe to use.. it should have worked just fine. I would work with SUPPORT on your issue... they need to know the failure mode and fix it quickly.


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      I could be wrong but i dont think that RB was designed to work with Mirrored drives. I have successfully used RB on Stripped drives in past systems but never tried Mirrored.


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        Hello 7leagueboot,

        Thank you for your response. Normally RollBack Rx will recognize the raid drive as one drive and should work with the software. I would try to do the custom setup installation again of RollBack Rx and select both the c and d drive you're wanting to select and also not select the e drive. If you are still having issues with this, it would be best to submit us a ticket with the log files to have our support team look at this further which I will provide the link below.
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          I think Carfal may have a point. On my previous laptop my RAID configuration was striped and Rollback saw the 2 drives as one. The latest laptop has mirrored drives and I cannot see how Rollback could treat those as a single drive? The E drive was never selected on installation which makes me tear my hair out trying to work out how Rollback decided to protect that one drive?

          I desperately want to use Rollback as it has always saved me from disaster numerous times in the past but with all due respect ShainaIR, there's no way I want to get involved in having to reinstall Windows yet again so unless you can guarantee that Rollback will work with mirrored SSD's I can't afford to take the risk as my laptops are used for business.


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            Hello 7leagueboot,

            Thank you for your response. We have tested this out if mirrored SSD drives will work RollBack Rx and technically should as RollBack Rx will see the raid drive as one. I would recommend to test this out first before putting it on your business laptops to see if this would work best for you. We do have a 14-day trial available, but if you need more time, you can contact our Horizon support team through this link:


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              "I would recommend to test this out first before putting it on your business laptops to see if this would work best for you."

              How do I "test this out" without installing it on my business laptop? I mean that's the one that has the 2 mirrored SSD's.


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                Hello 7leagueboot,

                Thank you for your response. What I suggest to try and test out our trial software to make sure that RollBack Rx will work with one business laptop first with the Mirrored SSD properly. I unfortunately don't have a laptop with that setup to test this out myself honestly, but should not have any problems with using a Mirrored SSD from my understanding.


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                  With all due respect ShainaIR, the reason I posted this is because that was precisely what I did. I ran your demo version on the new laptop and during installation selected partitions C and D to be protected. Both are on the mirrored SSD's. When I tried rolling back and mounted the protected drives as virtual drives C and D had been ignored but partition E (my only SATA drive) had been recovered. So I wanted to uninstall RB and reinstall it to make 100% certain that partition E would not be protected, only it failed to uninstall correctly and bricked Windows thereby losing me all data on my C and D partitions.

                  After reinstalling Windows I am afraid to run the same test unless:
                  a) I am certain that the product WILL work with mirrored SSD's, and
                  b) a solution is found to the uninstall procedure which stops searching for data at 42%.

                  It may be pure coincidence that mine also froze at 42% but the main takeaway from the experience is that the procedure doesn't complete thereby forcing you to power-off which corrupts your Windows installation.


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                    7LB, if you have an external disk large enough to hold your SSD image (even your E:\ drive is large enough), you might want to use one of the FREE imaging alternatives to image that setup then experiment in ways without fear of not being able to return to your original System configuration.

                    "Experimenting" with Rollback is not very fullfilling at times