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Every Snapshot is GB Size with Most Recent 10.7 Version Installed

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  • Every Snapshot is GB Size with Most Recent 10.7 Version Installed

    Using previous versions of Rollback RX most of the post-baseline snapshots were 300 to 700 MB in size. The largest one I have seen on my system based upon my actual usage patterns was perhaps 1.5 GB in size.

    ​With the current version of Rollback RX 10.7, every snapshot is GB sized without there being anything more than perhaps a few hundred MB actual difference in the snapshot size from the baseline.

    ​On top of it, the system is cleaned very thoroughly before each snapshot is created.

    Anyone else seeing this behavior ?

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    Hello Hjlbx,

    Thank you for your response. Normally RollBack Rx doesn't take much space on your hard drive. However, if you make any changes after you install RollBack such as installing new programs, or applying Windows Updates is when RollBack Rx will notice a change in data and why your snapshots are taking more disc space as it needs to capture that current state of your machine. Have you tried running the Snapshot Defragmenter tool in RollBack Rx? It should clean-up any sudden lost disc space back to normal.
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      Hello ShainaIR,

      ​Yes, I've defragmented the snapshots.

      ​I have not changed the manner in which I use Rollback RX. In the previous versions I would use it exactly the same as I am doing now - and with the very same programs. The largest snapshot size that I have seen using the older version was about 1.5 GB - and that was after a cumulative Windows Update was applied.

      ​However, with this new version every single snapshot is 2 GB in size or larger. I clean the system thoroughly before making a snapshot. I agree that some of the newer Windows Updates are large. However, there is only a single snapshot that contains a cumulative update.

      ​I can go back to the 23 GB baseline, immediately take another snapshot (without a single modification to the system), and that immediate new snapshot is 0.6 to 1 GB in size ! That's definitely unexpected behavior.

      Anyway, other than that single observation everything is working as expected. The behavior could be something or it could be nothing. I will keep an eye on it.
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        Helo Hjlbx,

        Thank you for your response. Just a quick question to ask, are you running any other sort of Windows or Third-Party defragmentation software? If yes, then it's possible that RollBack Rx will notice the defragmentation as an change in data and also cause the snapshots to grow larger in size. If not, then I would suggest to send us the log files and submit a ticket so that our senior technicians can look at this further. Here is our guide below on how to do this:
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