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  • Encryption query


    I recently asked a member of staff for advice on what data gets encrypted on the hard drive when using Rollback.

    I have a fresh installation of windows on my laptop and want put my personal files on the hard drive (around 100GB). But in case the laptop is stolen it would be good to know that my data is encrypted and protected with a password.

    The question i am asking is whether I should put my files on the PC first and THEN install Rollback, or

    Install Rollback first and THEN put my files on the PC (so that they are contained within a snapshot).

    I was told that it doesn't matter- my files would be encrypted either way. But I have since seen a Horizon blog post which suggests that it is only the snapshots that are encrypted. The data that is on the PC before Rollback is installed is not encypted and could be read if my laptop was stolen.

    Further advice would be appreciated.


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    I can't answer this fully, but I can tell you that anything on your machine prior to the installation of RBrx is not encrypted. Your snapshots cannot be seen from outside of your OS but that data is also not encrypted (to my knowledge), just unaccessible in any reasonable way.

    If you want your DATA protected, you need to do that yourself with whatever method you choose.

    If I'm wrong, HDS will chime in and correct me, I'm sure


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      Thanks for your reply. So are you saying that one way to encrypt my personal files is install Rollback RX and THEN put my files on the laptop so that they are contained within a snapshot ? I can perhaps then lock that snapshot.


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        If you enable your laptop w/RBrx, then load all your special files, then take a snapshot, then delete all those special files so that they only exist in the snapshot prior to deletion... if the System becomes unBOOTable, then those files contained within that snapshot will be very hard to find. But if the laptop is stolen, and it gets broken into at the Windows LOGIN level (very easy to do), then that user can just use RBrx to go back to that snapshot and get all t hose files.


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          I'll try and simplify... if a perpetrator cannot login to your System, and only has outside access (BOOTed CD/DVD) to the storage element your System is on, only your BASELINE data is wide open, all other data is buried into snapshots which are very difficult to find on an RBrx-protected disk.