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  • Windows 10 - Creator's Update

    Just a reminder to those doing the SUBJECT update manually, as I type, or will get "updated" (whether they like it or not) starting on April 11th... be it known that this update may change your partition sizes (some have already experienced this) which should wreak havoc with your Rollback RX installation.

    Advice... uninstall Rollback RX prior to the update and re-Install after the update is complete (your Snapshots WILL BE LOST during this process).

    Good luck!
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    If you're running W10 with only a Microsoft System Reserved Partition and your Windows C:\ partition, the Creator's Update will shrink your Windows partition by over 800mB and create a new Windows RECOVERY partition with the space it carved out.



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      Your suggestion worked for me, Froggie. Thanks. I would add, for those who schedule a snapshot at startup (and who had to disable Fast Startup so that those snapshots could really be taken), that you will probably have to disable Fast Startup again, since it seems to have been re-enabled by the Creators Update.


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        Was about to ask this questions if it would still work with the Creators update... Then I know what to do first when I get home.

        edit; Disable Fast Startup in Windows? where?
        I need to disable secure boot in the Bios to make it all boot, and delete the hidden file hiberfil.sys (disable hibernation)
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          To disable fast startup in Windows 10 Creators' Update, go to Settings/System/Power and Sleep/Additional Power Settings/Choose What Power Buttons Do/Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable, and then uncheck the box for fast startup. (Or you can get started by doing a search for fast startup.) Also, I would certainly disable secure boot in the Bios, even though Horizon says that Rollback Rx, Version10.5, Build 7820 solves the problem with it. When I tried to install that build, with or without secure boot being disabled, my system got screwed up.)