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Multi boot system which partition to protect

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  • Multi boot system which partition to protect

    I have win 7 and 10 dual boot system with win7 on c drive and win 10 on e drive and d drive is for downloads etc, i do not want to protect d drive and want to preserve changes to d drive.
    if i install rollback rx pro in custom mode then which partition to protect
    should i protect both c and e partitions in both the installs
    to protect c drive in win 7 install and e drive in win 10 install.

    Also if i revert back to a snapshot will both win 7 and 10 be reverted back to same state when snapshot was taken or can i revert on win 7 only to the snapshot state and leave win 10 in current state and vice versa.

    i have not found this info in ur user guide or anywhere else. so please answer.
    thanks in advance.

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    I wonder if your post would apply also to the Home Edition - Freeware?