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build 7820 does not fix secure boot issues -- blue screen failure

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  • build 7820 does not fix secure boot issues -- blue screen failure

    I wrote this yesterday under another topic, but I want to repeat it here so that the topic makes the problem clear. Yesterday, with my first or second boot after installing build 7820, with secure boot enabled, I couldn't boot up, but got a blue screen stop error. Fortunately I had an external back up image that I was able to restore. But my suspicion is that the problem was an incompatibility between Rollback Rx. and secure boot (even though Rollback installed without any hitches). I've since disabled secure boot and gone back to the previous version of 10.5 (just to be safe). But build 7820 has certainly not solved the secure boot problem, at least not for a Lenovo IdeaCenter 300 desktop. Or maybe it's even worse than that. Maybe the new feature of booting from the PE environment -- whatever that is -- causes problems on some systems whether secure boot is enabled or not. But I don't feel like experimenting to find out, at least not yet.

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    Thanks for letting us know! The devs are looking at this carefully.


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      Secure boot needs to be turned off, otherwise it will not work.. it's a known issue with Windows 10 and below.


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        Yesterday I installed build 7820 with Secure Boot OFF, and on my reboot this morning, my Windows 10 computer told me that I needed to scan my hard drive, and the event viewer recorded HUNDREDS of system file errors. I didn't try to fix these, but I restored an Acronis True Image external backup. I cannot PROVE that Rollback Rx Build 7820 was the culprit, but since I had been working fairly successfully with build 0652 (except for one stop screen error that seemed to involve the Shield program file -- an error which I have reported on this forum), I do very much believe that the new build 7820 is the culprit. I am using a Dell Inspiron 3650 that was new in early December. I reported a month ago (see above) the blue screen stop error that I received on my first reboot with build 7820 with Secure Boot ON (on a Lenovo Ideacenter 300 computer). As far as I can tell, this new build contains major problems.