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boot up problem with build 7820

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  • boot up problem with build 7820

    This morning, when I turned on my new Windows 10 computer, Rollback Rx did not take its scheduled snapshot (even though fast boot is disabled), and then Windows showed up with a less than fully customized desktop, and with most of the Windows functions not working. Fortunately, I was able to roll back my system to an earlier Rollback Rx snapshot. But naturally I'm worried. Could this have been a problem with Rollback Rx or with this new build? (Secure boot is enabled.) Thank you in advance for any help or advice that anyone can give.

    UPDATE: Later in the day, my problem became even worse, and I couldn't even boot up. Fortunately I had an external back up image that I was able to restore. But my suspicion is that the problem was between Rollback Rx. and secure boot (even though Rollback installed without any hitches). I've since disabled secure boot and gone back to the previous version of 10.5 (just to be safe). But I am very dubious about whether build 7820 has really solved the secure boot problem, at least not for a Lenovo IdeaCenter 300 desktop. Or maybe it's even worse than that. Maybe the new feature of booting from the PE environment -- whatever that is -- causes problems on some systems whether secure boot is enabled or not. But I don't feel like experimenting to find out, at least not yet.
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