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Windows 10 November 10th Update

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  • Windows 10 November 10th Update

    Just wondering if the current version of Rollback Rx Pro (10.4) will be compatible with the next major update to Windows 10 due out on November the 10th?

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    Hey edee,

    We will definitely be looking into it. Will keep you posted when the patch comes out!


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      Based on HDS' current position concerning updates under windows 10, you'll find out on November 11th, following the update.


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        Any news on this? All of my snapshots are corrupted; I'm using Windows 10 Pro. I was unable to reboot after the windows update. I tried restoring from the most recent snapshot but windows still would not boot. I tried the second oldest, and it worked, but Windows was acting crazy. I could launch apps from navigating to the .exe, but the start menu was unresponsive, it seems like data that was stored in my user profile had been corrupted from the restore. I went back to baseline and it seems like everything is working properly now. I'd like to get rid of all the other snapshots, but each time I do so it states that if there is a scheduled task associated with it then it too will be deleted. Is this referring to scheduled tasks in Windows or in RollbackRX. (Sorry for the multi-question format).


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          Originally posted by shifuteejeh View Post
          I'd like to get rid of all the other snapshots, but each time I do so it states that if there is a scheduled task associated with it then it too will be deleted. Is this referring to scheduled tasks in Windows or in RollbackRX. (Sorry for the multi-question format).
          The scheduled tasks in question are Rollback internal scheduled tasks (regular snaps of some sort), not anything to do with Windows scheduled tasks.


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            From the net...

            According to a usually reliable source (InfoWorld's Woody Leonards) there will be two W10 updates in short succession:

            - A "cumulative W10 update" on Tuesday
            (I saw this one this morning)
            - The formal W10 Fall Update (now called: the "1511 update") on Thursday of this week.

            People with concerns about the possible havoc these may cause, are well advised to take system images before system down on Wednesday and at CoB on Thursday.
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              no issue at the moment for me (im on win10) , lucky i am


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                "upgrade" (as they call it) of Win10 released. seems huge file.


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                  Froggie thank you for the clarification! Is there any detailed documentation that could better educate me on the processes and utilization of RollBackRx Pro?


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                    The Horizon DataSys User Manuals are best used for the operation and maintenance of Rollback. All I can offer is the document attached to THIS Forum message which is more of a cautionary document as far as what you can and cannot do while Rollback is installed on your system... I hope it contributes to a better understanding of the product itself.


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                      WARNING: As with the Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 Update 1 System update, if your current Windows 10 System did not utilize a Microsoft SYSTEM RECOVERY PARTITION and your primary disk was fully allocated (no appreciable unallocated space left), The WIndows 10 1511 Update will carve out 450mB of your Rollback protected Windows partition for use as a new 450mB SYSTEM RECOVERY PARTITION. This will effectively shrink your Rollback protected System partition by that amount of space. I believe Rollback gets very upset when its protected partition(s) change in any way without its knowledge.

                      During the W8.1 > W8.1 Update 1 process, many Systems went belly-up during that very same System change and those Users who were not prepared for this change (old baselines/lots of snapshots, no image protection of their Rollback protected System partition, etc) wound up in a very uncomfortable state as far as their computer system was concerned as well as their important snapshot data.

                      PLEASE heed the warning in Item #6 of this thread.
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                        NOTE TO ALL RollBack Rx Windows 10 USERS

                        Microsoft’s latest update for its Windows 10 OS labelled "1511" is failing to complete its installation while RollBack Rx is on the machine.

                        Attempts to install this update will result in a failed installation, as the update attempts to make changes to core RollBack Rx features. As such, users who try and install this update with RollBack Rx already installed on the machine will find they cannot load into Windows.

                        In this case, please reset the machine and press the ‘HOME’ key when the splash screen appears to load into the RollBack Rx subsystem. From there please restore the latest snapshot taken before the update. Afterwards, uninstall RollBack Rx. Install the latest Windows update, then re-install RollBack Rx.

                        If you have not yet applied the update please uninstall RollBack Rx to the Current State and afterwards install the Windows update, then re-install RollBack Rx.


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                          Sam, I believe you're being a bit disingenuous in your statement above... it's just not that simple. If any SNAPSHOT data was located in that 450mB RECOVERY PARTITION that MicroSloth pulled apart during the v1511 update, that snapshot is toast, as well as any "children" of that snapshot. I believe that's what happened to the user in Post #4 above. The user reported problems after his v1511 upgrade. He kept going back to previous snapshots (all failed) and finally found a stable system at his baseline. It's the baseline FileSystem that outside processes see (MicroSloth updates) when they make changes under the unprotected environment.

                          Rollback, in no way, can restore partition changes done from outside (or inside) a Rollback protected system.

                          Users that experience this anomaly should be told to possibly expect more than just a failed build time point... they may have other failed snapshots. If the user's system is small and the protected partition is large, and they don't have a ton of snapshots between their baseline and the current system state, your suggestion just may work... but it's purely a crapshoot.


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                            Froggie; you are correct. That's exactly what happened to me. Unfortunately, the baseline was initially able to get me into Windows; and allowed me to make the comment you mentioned. Shortly thereafter the computer just powered off. When I attempted to power it back on, I was greeted by 3 groups of 3 unfriendly beeps and a blank screen. I pressed and held the power button; and attempted to power on again-- same result. I pulled the battery and external power and considered taking the laptop apart to see what kind of mobo so I might be able to lookup the beep sequence on another computer. Instead I went and had an angry lunch. When I came back, just because Lenovos are miserable to take apart, I pressed and held the power button just for superstitious reasons; and then put the battery back in. Bingo; BIOS; then RollBackRX, then the Microflop logo. No zippy spinning dots, no "this may take a few minutes," just the logo. I decided to give it some time just in case. Approximately 3.255 hours later, I decided to retry baseline; but it didn't work. Ultimately I had to re-install Windows and all of my applications completely. I have purchased RollBackRx; but have not used the licensed version yet. I wanted to use the free one as a test. At this point I'm not sure if I want it on my important systems if the integrity of the restore points are so easily compromised.
                            I feel like I jumped the gun in purchasing the paid version, and even though I may not request a refund, I do intend to review the refund policy.
                            Sorry guys, I really wanted to like this product. I reviewed all of the products you offer, and they sound amazing, useful, and very creative.
                            I hope others don't experience the same thing I have!
                            Edit: Quoted text; I don't care about a refund and I'm not going to pursue it. I think this product has a good foundation and I really do not blame the developers for my experience. I hope things improve, and I know Microsoft can be a bit unpredictable especially where they have taken the ability (or plan to) of home users to defer updates. If you would like my system specs/logs/etc to help please let me know.
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                              Originally posted by shifuteejeh View Post
                              Edit: ...I don't care about a refund and I'm not going to pursue it. I think this product has a good foundation and I really do not blame the developers for my experience.
                              I cannot disagree with you more. Those "developers," which you do not blame, are the ones that created a product for your system that when its installed, Windows has absolutely no knowledge of it even being there and doing its "thing." Surely you cannot blame Microsoft Windows for the potential failure of Rollback RX when it makes its System wide changes. Windows IS the operating system... all programs made for it should run under it. To run outside of its purvue is just asking for trouble... which you apparently have just gone through. How happy would you have been if you had a great deal of important DATA on that System prior to its demise? Methinks not very happy.

                              I can easily blame the developers. When you develop such a product for an operating system like Microsoft Windows, it should be developed to use the facilities of that operating system, not obfuscate them to provide your own results/benefits... that's a recipe for disaster in my book, and you've had an up close and personal opportunity to experience that very disaster.

                              Your specs/logs/etc. will not provide much for the "developers" to go on. They already know the reasons for your less than stellar experience... they are very versed in the shortcomings of their product, surely more so than the product's users.

                              I can only add that if you plan to continue Rollback's use in the future, make sure your System's important applications and DATA are clearly backed up, just in case of a disaster like you've already experienced. Even that operation can be tricky on a Rollback-enabled System but I believe its a REQUIREMENT in this situation (or any possible disaster situation for that matter <disk failure>).