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Almost 3 weeks of no response

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  • Almost 3 weeks of no response

    I have an open ticket, and no response for almost 3 weeks now.


    Any dev around for an update?
    (program is working fine now, it's just some glitches, and a question that never got answered)

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    As you may have seen the company put out an entirely new software on Monday, March 15. As we are a small team here, our resources have been dedicated to ensuring that RollBack Rx Home Edition was a successful launch, including ironing out any last minute details/bugs. This was done, but it also meant less resources available for single users with very specific issues such as yourself.

    Having said that, you have also received one-on-one support for quite awhile now (more than a year) with our developers who have done their best to get your particular PC configuration working with our program, and they can only dedicate themselves over to your case every so often as it is a very rare issue. As we are a smaller company, priorities need to be made. When there are developers available they need to address common FAQ's, bugs, and other issues that possibly affect many others. There aren't that many technicians to go around!

    Now, as you are also an NFR key holder and not a paying customer, the developers have had to address other clients before your issue in the midst of this product release. Please have patience.


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      ok, I was reporting bugs.... like Button for Defrag is showing the ABOUT box.
      if you have that out in all the other versions... be my guest..
      and Thanks for nothing..

      Helped this company for over a year with issues in general.. and now I am being marked as a "not paying customer" since I received a key from you guys for all the help.

      Don't you ever talk to me again Sammy boy.!!!!


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        so you know.. I filed a complaint..

        Me reporting bugs in the final product is not important anymore..


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          We do appreciate your input and the time you spend with our software and developers. Truly. I was just explaining our company policy when it comes to response time and priority. I can understand not hearing back for some time can be frustrating, but I wanted to be clear as to why developer responses can take time.

          Now, you will of course be responded to and supported. It just takes a bit of time in this case.



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            Most companies do not offer free support to those who do not pay for their software.


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              please close this topic... had enough of those people that don't know the story.
              Last edited by Sam Smith; 03-18-2015, 10:02 AM. Reason: Edit: Inappropriate language.