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Space eating bug in Rollback ?

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  • Space eating bug in Rollback ?

    I have Rollback installed for about 3 months, and my HD space went from 140 Gb free to 22 Gb free.
    There is only 1 snapshot and the Baseline. I did a defrag inside Rollback, and did a SMART trim in my Samsung SDD..
    But always stayed like that... Slowly eating away space..

    So I decided to uninstall Rollback and see what happened... and wow... I went back to 150 Gb.
    Reinstalled Rollback and ended up with 140Gb free space again..

    So how come that slowly the space is eaten away by Rollback, and there is no trace of it.. Defragging Snapshot doesn't resolve it... so something is holding up the space..
    What's wrong with this picture??


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    MrD... not sure that's a bug or a "feature"... :-)

    I've seen that happen in the v9.1 days as well. Let's see if they come up with an explanation, especially with only (1) snapshot and the baseline.

    You definitely need to be reBOOTing (not HIBERNATing) your system sometime after you defrag/delete those snaps... that's when the cleanup/freeup used to occur.
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      I am rebooting every day, so that can't be the problem..


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        Hi Mrdutchie. I can tell you right now that the issue is the trim command that your running while RB is installed. This is a definite no no. I wrote a warning about this a little while ago but i cant seem to find it. It may have been in the old forums.

        In my experience it actually crashed my PC because it filled my HD up (I have a Samsung 840 pro SSD). Running the trim command while rollback is installed has the same effect as wiping the "empty" sectors with a third party program. RB redirects and eventually fills your HD up. In my case i have the RB settings set to NOT automatically delete snapshots if the space on my HD is low so i'm guessing this is the reason why my HD actually filled up and crashed my PC. In your case you must have it set to automatically delete snapshots if space is low and this may have "saved" you. If this is not the case then consider yourself lucky either way.

        Uninstalling RB would release the trimmed sectors as expected and return your free space. HDS have confirmed that RB handles trim commands correctly so this behavior you have reported is a little puzzling. When i discovered this issue i think it was with an earlier build of RB v10.2 and i dared not test trim since.

        However if your using the latest build then it looks like the problem is still there
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          Thanks guys for helping out. I will try to flag the development team on this.


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            Yes, I am using the latest version. Went from 140 Gb to 100 Gb now and 2 snapshots... So probably another week or 2 and i can uninstall it again, just to get my space back.. This is really getting annoying...

            I delete the snapshots manually, and then do Defragment inside Rollback. Sometimes I get 1-20 Gb back, and if not, i'll run Optimize for my SDD... but no luck... Uninstall is the way to go, to get my missing space back.


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              MrD, if you do an "Update Baseline" from within Rollback, you should also get your space back... and a new, more recent Baseline without any snaps. This way you won't have to unINSTALL.

              But you still shouldn't be losing that much space over time.


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                Guess I can try that, since I had to uninstall last time... so i lost my REAL plain Windows Setup... I'll let you know if i get my 40Gb sinkhole back


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                  I was hit with this bug. Rollback Rx 10.2, I think the 3454 version. I wan't paying attention until my computer SSDs filled up. I had Snapshots that were hundreds of GBs. And my computer came to a stop. And then I could not resuscitate it. I had to reinstall. That was a pain. All of my data is elsewhere tho so it is just time lost for me. My system is Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, Gigabyte X79-UD3 motherboard, Core i7-4930, 16 GB Ram, C drive is a raid 0 of 2 Vertex 4 256 GB drives. I have turned off trim until RB reports the bug is fixed. I'll monitor my disk and snapshot size usage a little more actively now.



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                    updating the baseline gave me 5 Gb back.. Still missing 23 Gb guess I'll do another uninstall later on


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                      Greetings! I'm passing this along from user Smuck who has problems posting after logging in to your forums...

                      Smuck writes..
                      Hi! After using Rollback RX (10.2-4) the last year there is a consistent bug: There is only the installation snapshot and after rolling back to it, the (C:\ System harddrive keeps loosing space (Gigabytes) until it is drained. And the only thing that sorts it is when updating the baseline also after rolling back to the installation snapshot.
                      By the way: Posting on Horizon Datasys forum doesn't work after login.

                      Windows 7 - 64 bit
                      32 GB memory
                      GeForce GTX 770
                      Harddisk is SAMSUNG MZ7PD128HAFV-000
                      Windows system memory has been set manually to 800MB.
                      The space eating bug appears both with hibernation turned off (hiberfil.sys deleted) and on.
                      It also appears when a folder in advanced settings is excepted from the snapshot and when none are excepted.
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                        Hey Froggie,

                        Thanks for posting on behalf of smuck. I checked on this user and it seems they didn't complete the account confirmation sent out via email after creating an account. You can let them know I've gone and confirmed their status on my end, so they can go and post themselves after this.

                        So, smuck - could you collect these log files for me. Navigate to Program Files (x86) -> Shield -> 128.dat, shield.dat, subconsole.log, setup.log. Once you have these, please zip them up and email them over to samuel(at)



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                          Sam, I've passed on your info to Smuck...


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                            Originally posted by Sam Smith View Post
                            So, smuck - could you collect these log files for me. Navigate to Program Files (x86) -> Shield -> 128.dat, shield.dat, subconsole.log, setup.log. Once you have these, please zip them up and email them over to samuel(at)
                            Okay, but on Froggie's suggestion the PC has just been treated with SSDtoolbut in a week or two, it will probably be down some Gigabyte again and then those log files shall be zipped ...


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                              Unfortunately I have the same problem as mrdutchie.
                              I 'lose' about 1-2GB per day.
                              My Drive C (SSD) almost filled up.
                              I uninstalled and then reinstalled Rollback RX Professional and 'suddenly' had 50GB of Free Space.
                              I am running Version 10.4.
                              My Rollback is set to only retain the last 7 days of Snapshots - automatically deleting any more than this.
                              Running WinDirStat shows an ever increasing amount of space being used up by <Unknown> everyday.
                              Unless I have 'missed something' I will have to uninstall/reinstall Rollback about every 1-2 Months to 're-instate' my actual Free Space.
                              I suppose, for the number of times Rollback has 'saved my bacon', this will just have to be 'the cross that I bear'!!
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