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How would this rollback work?

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  • How would this rollback work?

    I've installed free Rollback 11 on my (not used much) W10 laptop but have not yet tried a recovery.
    I don't understand how exactly the product works, although I have watched many of the Rollback YouTube videos.
    Please, reply to tell me about this scenario....

    Day1 - I install Rollback and it takes its 1st backup - the Baseline. I assume it captures every HD sector that contains any valid data - maybe many gigs of data including the entire OS.
    Day2 - I reboot the PC and Rollback takes a (small) Snapshot capturing anything on the HD that changed since Day1 - some MB's of data .
    Day3 - Same as day2. Does it back up ALL and ONLY data that is different from the Baseline?
    Day4 - Reboot takes another (small) Snapshot (all and only data that is different from the Baseline?). But then later that day, malware hits and encrypts my whole HD.

    On the scenario above, the Day4 Snapshot would be most current for my Rollback, but does it contain all and only data that is different from the Baseline?
    Since the malware encrypted the whole HD including the OS, why wouldn't I have to first rollback using the Baseline (to get the many gigs of OS, etc.) and then rollback again using the Day4 Snapshot to bring my HD up to almost current?
    As you can see, I don't exactly understand the process. Please help.