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Asking for info on how this product works

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  • Asking for info on how this product works

    I am asking if you can provide me the forum entry that describes how the product works. I would have thought there would be a sticky post that would have that info, but I have not found it. Support told me that only the paid product has a user guide - and I did look thru that guide and I could not find info on how the product works. Support told me that I would have to get info like that from the forum - so here I am asking. I have (I think) figured out that RB does not use file access dates or modified dates in order to decide to back up a file into a snapshot - does RB look for clusters on the HD that have changed since last backup or since last FULL backup? Help!
    I did install free RB on my W10 laptop and it created the baseline backup file. Then I left laptop almost idle for a couple of hours and created a snapshot. The file size of the snapshot file is almost as big as the baseline file - why?