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How to enable Windows Update with Reboot Restore RX

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  • How to enable Windows Update with Reboot Restore RX

    I found these instructions on how to allow Windows Update to work with the Pro version ( but what about the normal version? I'm not talking about automating the updates or anything like that. What I want to do is to go to the PC and manually disable Reboot Restore, Press the "Check For Updates" button. Let it update, restart the machine then re-enable Reboot Restore.

    Unfortunately, as soon as I install Reboot Restore it disables Windows Update and gives errors saying that "group policy" doesn't allow this. I don't mind this functionality when its RRR is enabled but I need to be able to put security patches when its disabled. Uninstalling RRR doesn't not remove the policy setting or allow one to use Windows Update. After installing RRR the only way to get Windows Update to work again is to restore the computer from the computers original disk image. I know that this can't be how RRR was meant to be used as not allowing security patches defeats the purpose of trying to keep PCs safe.

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    Hey there, this is a bug that is being reported across all builds, we're working no trying to fix this. As of now, you can fix it by going into gpedit - Local Machine and switching the allow windows updates policy ON then DISABLED( OFF)

    Thank you


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      Hi - Do you have any update to this? I am trying to write procedures to allow Windows Updates and Windows Defender Scans weekly for my tiny 6 pc IT Suite in a Retirement Village. At present we have to uninstall Reboot Restore RX in order to do our admin, and then re-install it, which kind of defeats the object. Thanks for your help.