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Locked out after Install

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  • Locked out after Install

    I downloaded and installed Rollback RX Home edition trial version and then re-started.
    When it starts I get a window that says Surface then to a screen with a heading Recovery - There are no more Bitlocker options on your PC You'll need to use recovery tools. If you don't have any installation media contact you Administrator. Press the Windows key for UEFI Firmware Settings.
    Can you please help me to get back into my laptop?

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    Bitlocker was active when you installed the program. It needs to be disabled first. You can try uninstalling the software but other than that you'll need to install the OS again. If you re-install Rollback make sure you disable Bitlocker first


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      Foressian, You should be able to press the home key and still uninstall to get yourself back into windows.