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Other questions from a Rollback newbie...

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  • Other questions from a Rollback newbie...

    1. I will have Win 7 installed on a separate drive.
    I already know Win 7 won't be able to see my XP system files properly.
    But I assume it WILL be able to see my XP DATA FILES on that second DATA partition. Correct?

    2. Is there any danger from Rollback's behaviours to my DATA PARTITION on C?

    3. Will Testdisk (say on BootMed) be able to see:
    a) My DATA partition on C
    b) Perhaps even my protected System partition case of lesser problems like MBR or MPT corruption, or larger problems like HD failure?

    4. I figure that Rollback is pretty good at preventing alot of the problems that might normally require testdisk or using Win 7 to fix XP. So it's not such a big deal if I can't use Testdisk or Win 7 to fix the SYSTEM drive...Am I wrong?

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    Hey Declan,

    If you have Rollback Rx protect both drives, then yes it will see those XP data files. The program must be installed on the primary Drive first and the primary drive must be on Drive 0. Everything else should be good.