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Resizing the C: drive after installing Rollback Rx

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  • Resizing the C: drive after installing Rollback Rx

    first of all: this software is freaking amazing! i have been searching for something like this for years, i couldn't contain my excitement when i found this one

    now i got a burning question though: can i resize the partition that windows is installed on? i already installed the software and took two snapshots

    if yes, can i still rollback to previous snapshots? (assuming the previous snapshot size fits into the new partition size of course)

    at the moment my entire 250gbyte ssd is one big partition, so i would love to be able to make it smaller, to make room for games and stuff - so they won't reset when i rollback to a previous snapshot - is that possible somehow?

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    I just tried doing this in a VM, apparently it messes with the partition table really hard, my C: drive just turned into a RAW partition and i can't read from it anymore


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      Hey there. You'll want to resize all that before installing rollback rx because the changes will just revert if you choose to restore to a snapshot. Resize it, then reinstall it protecting only the partition you want protected (So you can leave the games partition out of it)