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Got a few questions about how to use it.

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  • Got a few questions about how to use it.

    how does it deal with windows or graphics updates? does it roll back on a reboot or does it keep that kind of thing?

    If i do run an update, will i have to then reinstall the program to grab the new state or is there some sort of update feature for times like that?

    3)installations that require a reboot would be hard/impossible with this program active also correct?

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    When you take a snapshot it captures everything, including updates. So if you update Windows or your Graphics Card you'll need to take a snapshot to capture them otherwise they're gone and would need to be re-installed. You don't need to re-install to take a snapshot. reboots shouldn't be an issue.


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      many times (not always) when there is a windows update I need to uninstall Rollback rx free version


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        My experience is that you have to uninstall Rollback RX for a version Windows Upgrade, like 1706, 1803 and the latest 1809. Otherwise you will receive a Windows error message that the upgrade was unsuccessful; Windows will restore itself to the previous version. For the monthly Windows security updates within the same Windows version, you do not have to uninstall Rollback RX. After the Windows Upgrade install Rollback RX again and you will start with a new baseline.It is not a bad idea to make a system/ disk backup on an external hard disk after a Windows Upgrade in case...


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          Zoeff is correct, you'll need to uninstall and reinstall the free version after a major update.