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Installation - Baseline Snapshot Is Set As Unlocked By Default RX Home 11.1

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  • Installation - Baseline Snapshot Is Set As Unlocked By Default RX Home 11.1

    Checked the list of snapshots on one of my laptops and saw that the installation - baseline snapshot was missing. Number of snapshots is set at 5. When a new snapshot is taken and the list exceeds 5 snapshots, the oldest snapshot is deleted. Because the installation - baseline snapshot is unlocked, this snapshot will be deleted at a certain time. This should not happen I think, and was also not the case in version 10.7 where the installation - baseline snapshot was locked by default. On a 2nd laptop I recently installed Windows 10 1809 and reinstalled RX Home 11.1, the list of snapshots currently counts at 4. I could manually change the installation - baseline snapshot to Locked. Bug in the RX Home 11.1 ?

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    Not happy with the performance of RX Home 11.1 because of a. installation-baseline snapshot set as unlocked as default and b. the scheduled daily snapshot not working ok on 2 Windows 10 1809 laptops now. Changed back for the time being to RX Home 10.7 and this one is working trouble free.


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      If you are using RX Home 11.1, it is strongly advised to change the Installation-Baseline snapshot to the Locked state. I did some reading on the RX Pro forum, where this topic is also high on the list. People are confused why HDS changed this for the Pro and the Home version.compared to version 10.7 (and 11.0 ?). HDS issued also not list of changes compared to the previous version. People found out by coincidence, including myself. If an unlocked
      Installation-Baseline snapshot
      has already been deleted, the only way to get this back is to uninstall and reinstall the program. Next the Unlocked status can be changed to Locked, however only if you have more than one snapshop.


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        Noticed the same thing when I installed the software in March of 2019. Then had some trouble toggling between locked and unlocked. Wondering if anyone from Horizon can give us some ideas if this is intentional or not and if we might see an update.