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Disk space not regained after deleting snapshots

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  • Disk space not regained after deleting snapshots


    I have used RollBack RX for a long time on windows 7, and recently upgraded to windows 10. On windows 7, when I reach low disk space, I usually just delete some snapshots and I gained some space back. However, I noticed that on Windows 10, I do not get any disk space back even after deleting all snapshots except the current and base (which cannot be deleted). I tried uninstalling RollBack Rx and by doing that I managed to get all disk space back. Of course this is not a solution, because I want to use RollBack Rx. Is there any way to free up disk space when I do not need some of the snapshots anymore? Or is it maybe a bug, that deleting some snapshots did not increase free space?

    Thanks for your answer!

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    Hey Thenry,

    You'll want to make sure you run a snapshot defrag after deleting the snapshots to air out any inconsistencies with disk space.

    Let me know if that doesnt work and you're still having issues.