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Can I reinstall Rollback Rx to restore a snapshot?

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  • Can I reinstall Rollback Rx to restore a snapshot?

    Short version: Rollback Rx froze on bootup due to a restart after the PC was improperly shutdown. Can't get into the Windows 7. Did a /fixmbr and a /fixboot using a recovery cd. Windows loaded successfully. But after I logged in, the profile looked like a brand new profile. All My Documents / Pictures / Music / Desktop folders were blank.

    I don't believe the snapshots are removed, due to doing a /fixmbr. But now Rollback Rx won't load.

    Can I reinstall Rollback Rx to gain access to those snapshots, without it deleting/formatting the location the snapshots are stored at?

    I created a ticket 5 days ago with an urgent status but got no response so far.
    Any advise to restore the snapshots and rollback rx?

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    Unfortunately reinstalling RB will not remember the previous snapshots. Once you nuked the MBR, your system was returned to the baseline snapshot (the time you first installed RB) and all snapshots following this are gone. Had you not booted into this system then you may have had a chance (however small) to recover lost files using a Snapshot Scavenger tool that HDS can provide you with via support ticket. But you most likely have overwritten many of the previously "protected" sectors (when RB was working) by booting your system after the MBR was nuked.

    EDIT: If you want to reinstall RB, you'll have to uninstall the previous failed version first. Nuking the MBR does not mean RB is uninstalled. It's breaks RB in a disastrous manner.
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