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Snapshots do not boot or mount

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  • Snapshots do not boot or mount

    Snapshots other than the installation/baseline neither boot or mount in Windows 7 (64-bit) Explorer. The problem began after I booted to a new snapshot created prior to an installatio of Java. With each snapshot (other than baseline) the startup goes normally up until the colorful Windows logo animation is about to render the Microsoft logo. There is a blue screen (BSOD) in each attempt. While the baseline snapshot does boot fully to Windows and the other snapshots in the Rollback RX program are listed in "Good" condition they will not mount as virtual drives. They appear in Windows Explorer but are not a usable storage devices. (E:\ is not accessible.) In the subsystem menu I have done the defragment operation. How can I restore or sort through and retrieve important files in a recent snapshot? That Windows startup nearly reaches the login screen suggests that the data is probably still present.