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Unable to Boot OS / Selective Restore?

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  • Unable to Boot OS / Selective Restore?

    I've been using RollBack Rx for a couple of years now. One feature I've always liked and used frequently was the ability from within the program GUI to browse a snapshot and do a selective restore of specific files.

    Yesterday my PC crashed due to a Windows update. Apparently there's a known problem with Windows 10 when installing an update where it may screw with your HDD and flip it to RAW and that is what happened to me, rendering the PC unable to boot.

    Before I realized this is what happened, I just new the PC wouldn't boot correctly, I had restored to a old snapshot (about 6 months ago) via the RollBack Rx pre-OS GUI (hitting Home key after power on). Since the issue was related to the disk partition having been flipped to RAW, this didn't fix the non-boot issue. Taking the disk out and connecting it to another machine as an external drive allowed me to run chkdsk and convert it back to NTFS restoring access to all the data. Except it is 6 month old data since I had restored it to my 6 month old snapshot. Now the problem that the Windows update error creates is the OS is never again bootable once it happens without a wipe and clean install. So, I put the disk back in my PC, and as expected it was still unable to boot. Not a big deal as I expected this. Boot it back into the RollBack Rx pre-OS gui and it still shows all my snapshots, the 6 month old one, my initial install one, and one from 2 days ago. I restore it to the one from two days ago, pull the disk back out, connect it again to a 2nd machine, run chkdsk again, regain access to the disk again, hoping to find now all my data there from 2 days ago that had been restored from the RollBack Rx snapshot. Unfortunately it still only has the 6 month old data.

    Hopefully that all makes sense...

    So, my question is, what are my options (if any) for accessing the snapshot from 2 days ago and getting that data since I'm unable to boot the OS of that drive?

    If I were to wipe the NTFS partition, install a fresh/clean copy of Windows 10, install RollBack Rx, would it automatically pick up and see the snapshots on the disk that were from the previous OS installation? If so, then in theory that should work. From within the program GUI I would be able to browse the 2 day old snapshot and get all of my newer data correct?

    Thanks in advance for any help, information, or advice.

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    Hello Croucher,

    Thank you for your response. What type of Windows update were you trying to do with Windows 10? Was it an minor update or a major feature upgrade? Have you tried restoring to all of the snapshots in the subconsole to get back into Windows? Unfortunately, if you connect the hard drive to another PC, it would only be able to read the current baseline RollBack Rx sees and not any of the other snapshots due to the encryption.


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      It was trying to install the Fall Creators update. Apparently this is not a common, but is a known issue with some Windows 10 updates where it causes the HDD to be set to a RAW partition even though the data is still all there. You can easily get back to the data by running chkdsk on the the HDD while attached to another machine, but as soon as you try to boot the OS on that disk it sets it back to RAW. I've not yet found a way to keep this from happening so that I can book the OS and use the RollBack full GUI from within the OS to browse my snapshots and selectively pull out the data I want/need. Currently I'm performing a sector by sector clone of the disk so I can continue to mess with the clone while leaving the original as-is should I discover a viable fix.


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        Doing some further research, I've seen mention of a utility called "Snapshot Scavenger". I'm fully aware that it may or may not even still be maintained and there are zero guarantees that it will work. Is there a way to acquire that tool just to take a stab at it?


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          Not sure how, but I was able to get the HDD to boot back into Windows. Unfortunately, due to my previous rollback action, it's with my April of '17 data. Opening the RollBack Rx GUI allows me to see all my snapshots, including the one from two days ago. I'm about to mount the snapshot and browse it, but the data I really want to save/recover is in the C:\Users\<username> folder. When I try to access that user folder I get an access denied. As I understand, the mounted snapshots are ready only, so that keeps me from being able to take ownership of the folder in order to access it. If I try to just do a restore of a file or folder from the snapshot via the RollBack Rx gui, it finds the file/folder I search for in the snapshot, I point it to a new location I want to "Save As", but then when I click finish it doesn't actually copy/restore/save anything.

          I'm reluctant to reboot the machine at this point, or try to actually restore the entire snapshot from two days ago.

          Any other recommendations?


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            Hello Croucher,

            Thank you for your response. I see that you've spoken to us on the chat a few days ago on this issue. If you have any further issues with RollBack Rx Home, please let us know!

            Shainal Reman