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  • Windows date and time

    Hello, I installed Reboot Restore Rx on 10 computers with windows 7. Everything was fine, but after a few months, the dates and times of windows are all wrong, some have different dates, others are only 1 hour late or soon, seems to be random. Any help on how to solve this issue?

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    Hello HikaruGunner,

    Thank you for your response. Is the date and time issue on Windows occuring when Reboot Restore Rx is running? Or when doing a restore? Have you tried to uninstall the software on one of the ten PCs and see if the date and time settings are still being affected or not?


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      yes I tried to uninstall and the probem persists, maybe it's some firewall that is blocking the update time on internet, going to make some more tests,

      Thanks for the help