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Rollback RX and Utorrent - What is happening ?

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  • Rollback RX and Utorrent - What is happening ?

    Hello !

    I have searched on the internet but I can't find anything anywhere about rollback RX not working correctly together with Utorrent ot other P2P-programs.

    I am new to Rollback RX home version but I have red alot about the program and I have had it Installed for two days before uninstalling it because og disk space problems - but I really love the program and I really want to get it working. So maybe someone here can help me ?

    I know you should install Windows ( 7 in my case ) and after that install Rollback RX because you want a small Baseline Snapshot to start with. In my case that is not possible right now even if I will do that on my next computer upgrade. Bur right now I have a 500 GB hard drive that is VERY VERY fragmented. 440 GB is filled with a lot of files - I believe around 2.000.000 files in total - and 60 GB is free.

    That is the start scenario. So - to test the system I made one or two snapshot that took up 880 MB and 91 MB. That's fine I thought ! Because I only plan to have maybe 3 in total to be able to revert to the last one if I am hit by a virus or some program get corrupted !

    So - after that I tried to use utorrent and downloaded a file that was around 20 GB - Should be NO problem because I have nearly 60 GB left - But after only download 8 GB Utorrent stops ans say "Torrent error - You are running out of diskspace !" Tried many times but the same result ! In explorer I still had 40 GB left !

    So I did a new test - I started all over with Rollback RX - Uninstalled it and installed it again with my 60 GB free hard disk space. But this time i filled up the computer with a map that was around 5 GB and copied it to diferent locations on the Harddrive - And I could do so until I more or less run out of Diskspace - NO - Absolutely NO problem.

    So - I deleted theese 58 GB of carbage files and expected to get them back - bur no luck - still only 2-3 GB free space on the harddrive. So i red about defragmenting the snapshots and did that and restarted the PC - and all my 60 GB was back (in windows).

    Now to my questions - There are 5 of them and I appreciate ALL kind of trying to help me out here !

    1. Can it be the SPEED from utorrent - Then Utorrent downloads with 7.5 MB/s maybe Rollback RX can't copy with that speed ?

    2. Or can the problems be caused by utorrent downoading a lot of fragmnted files and that caused the disk space on my hard drive to get filled up very very fast ?

    3. The reason for making a baseline snapshot from the start after installing windows - Could you clearly explain the difference in diskspace if you compare making the first baseline snapshot with a fresh windows system - around 15 GB - compared to install it on a heavy fragmented 440 GB disk ?
    How much memory will I "win" in the long run ? And are there other issuses regarding this ?

    4. Is there really no other way to get the free memory back in windows WITHOUT having to restart the computer (after defragmenting the snapshot files) ?

    5. What is the best reasons for actually buying the PRO Version ? It is of course different from person to person - but please tell me Your Ideas regarding that !

    Would really apreciate some thought on thos subjectt !

    If you can answer just one of the questios I am still very grateful !

    Kind Regards Lasse from Sweden !

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    Hello pumahane999,

    Thank you for your response on the post. Here are my answers below to the following questions you've asked:

    1. RollBack Rx itself should not affect the speed of the Utorrent software. It's designed as an instant recovery time-machine solution to restore from Windows system crashes or malware infections. I'd double-check with our snapshot defragmenting tool to make sure all the snapshots are fully optimized.

    2. Similar to the first question, if you notice a lot of fragmented files, or frequent changes in data, RollBack Rx will see this and will increase the size of the snapshots. Normally the snapshot defragmenter would fix this, or even resetting the baseline is possible depending on how serious this is happening to your hard drive. Resetting the baseline will purge all your snapshots into one current baseline snapshot again, and will be a fresh start to RollBack.

    3. It really depends on the hard drive itself and Windows, rather then RollBack Rx. RollBack Rx on it's own takes up about 7% of your hard drive space depending on how big the capacity is. Of course, a heavy fragmented disk will be much slower then a clean installation of Windows that only uses 15gb of your total hard drive space. In cases like this, we recommend to uninstall/disable RollBack Rx, use a third-party defragmentation tool or TRIM utility if you have an SSD to help you with that.

    4. What I recommend to do after defragmenting the snapshots, is to create a new snapshot with the "Flush system cache before creating the snapshot" checkbox enabled. This will use Volume Shadow Services in Windows to clear out any cache in the memory, and should optimize the snapshot to help with the disc space, and optimize it further.

    5. There a lot of benefits to using the Professional version over the Home edition such as automated scheduling of your snapshots you made in RollBack Rx, creating more than 7 snapshots, and also access control and password protection features. I'll provide our comparison guide below for more information:

    Hopefully this makes sense. Froggie, if you have anything else you'd like to add to this post, feel free to do so!

    Thank You


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      I agree entirely with ShainaIR's recommendations, especially uninstalling Rollback Rx and using a good 3rd party defrag tool because, as you admitted already, your HDD is heavily fragmented. I cannot see the point in protecting a system that is already damaged.

      But more importantly, I would consider buying an external hard drive of at least 2 Gb and use that for all your downloads. This would free up loads of disk space and allow your PC to run much faster. You don't need Rollback to protect the torrents you download but you DO need it to protect the O/S, drivers, and critical data.